Chapter 2

Chapter 2


                “Something’s coming! Everyone get ready!” I called to the team.

                “Yes, sir!”

                I couldn’t hold back the grin creeping across my face. It had been three months since my last fight and I was restless. We all were.

                “Are you alright to fight tonight, Anabell?” Jean’s deep voice came through the headset.

                “I’m fine, Jean.” I answered getting into position. I sniffed the wind. “Positions everyone.” Tension was so high that my wings and claws felt like they would come out any moment. Just as the shadows started coming up, the wind changed directions.

                “Stop it’s Victor!” I called hurriedly to the team as I climbed out of my hiding spot. I could hear Beau following me. “Victor!” I called to the man who was coming up the path. He turned just as I jumped and wrapped my arms around his neck.

                “Hey, Anabell,” he laughed as he hugged me back.

                Just then the whole team came out.

                “Victor!” Jean said patting him on the back.

                “Hey, Vic!” Archavia said jumping down from a nearby branch.

                “It’s good to see you, man” Jeffery said shaking Victor’s hand. While Beau, Will, Travis, Rayo and Ookami barked and chased each other.

                “Where are the others?”Victor asked.

                “You’ve been gone a long time, Vic.” Archavia said after a long silence.

                “As of right now, some are too young to fight. Others are in the hospital wing at home because of the last fight. But most are…..”

                “When?” he asked

                “Some at the last war, but most at the one before that.” There was a silence that fell at the memory of those who we lost. I could feel Victor’s eyes on me, begging me for forgiveness. He and I met eyes for just a second, just long enough to let him know I forgave him.

                “Who’s the new guys?” I asked trying to cheer up and nodding towards the guys behind him.

                “Oh, yes. Well, that’s Colt,” he said nodding towards the taller one with sandy red hair and brown eyes. “And that’s Jeremy,” he said nodding towards the shorter burnet with brown eyes. “And this is Daniel,” he said grabbing the shoulder of the last one. Daniel had jet black hair and green eyes that right now showed shock, recollection, and confusion. Now that I was looking at him, I started to get a feeling of déjà vu.

                Trying to shake off the feeling, I straightened up and tipped my head as a greeting. “It’s a pleasure to meet you all. You all look tired. Come. I’m sure Chris has something hot and ready to eat. I said as I turned back towards the clearing and began to walk towards the Wood. I stopped at the edge of the clearing and looked over my shoulder.

                “Victor, I expect to see you in my room once they’re taken care of.”

                “Of course.”

The End

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