Chapter 3

Steph shakes head head and raises an eyebrow. "Tell me what's wrong Paige. I want to help, I don't knowing you're hurting." She links her arm in mine and we start walking towards the town centre.

I sigh deeply and look at the people we are coming nearer to. "It's just, strange being here. It's all new. It's weird for me." I lie, well, it's true. I'm getting a really weird feeling from this place, especially in my house, but that's not why I'm 'not myself' as Steph puts it.

For a little while her lips were pressed in a thin linebut she soon breaks into her cheery smile. "New? This place? Girl, I think you need your head looked at." She laughs, making me smile.

That's the thing about Steph, whenever she smiles, it's near enough impossible to not smile back.

"So, do you want to meet some of my mates? You'll see them at school and all but I thought you would like to meet them. I remember whenever a new person came into school, you were always the first person talking to them, showing off your charm." She starts to giggle at the memories that we both shared.

"No wonder you are popular. You are a legand, Paige Stoox, everyone remembers when you came down here to visit me that summer. They all loved you. C'mon, come meet the gang." Steph starts skipping along, our arms still linked.

I try to hide my discomfort, if anyone saw me they'll think I'm a normal happy child. That's everyone except Steph, but she's excited, whenever she's excited she notices less than normal.

We walk into a small cafe, it looks like it's a popular school hangout, everywhere I look is teenagers. I grit my teeth as we start going over to a group of people. It's not the largest group here but I can tell they are some of the populars. Being one like I was for so long you get a sense of these things.

"Hey guys. Looky who I found walking around!" Steph says, rocking on the balls of her feet. They all turn and I work up a huge fake smile.

"Is that...?"

"Yeah! Isn't it great? She's back! And she's going to stay!" Steph is starting to shake with excitement. I look at her and shake my head.

"You need to lay of the sugar, you're bouncing off the walls in here." I say and she laughs and sits down in the booth. I sit next to her and suddenly a small sixteen year old comes over to the table with a notepad in hand.

"Would you like anything?" He asks in a bored tone, like he could be doing soething much more exciting than waiting tables. Steph orders a coke and the guy looks at me, I notice his bright red hair is messy and has a twig sticking out of it.

"Erm, could I have some orange juice?" The guy nods and scribbles our orders down than goes off to the kitchen. I notice how gracefull he walks. I frown, thinking back to last time I was here, quiet a few people walk gracefully if I remember correctly.

"So, you're the newbie? Would you like a tour?" A bold guy on the table asks me, a twinckle in his eyes. He's flirting. Great.

I sit forward a bit and put my head to the side, pushing out my lips a bit. "And what would that be a tour of?" I ask, twirling a lock of my hair around my fingers. The guy smiles.

"Girl, with me it's what you see is what you get." He leans towards me but I stand up and look down at him, I go over and bean over so my lips are at his ear.

"Shame I don't like what I see." I whispear than walk off towards the bathroom, my hips swaying, and my fake smile vanishes knowing that it's not only that tables eyes on me.

The End

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