Chapter 2 - Old Friend Reunited

I'm in the center of the forest, the trees are thick and a perfect lush green. It's peaceful here, so quiet, so natural. I can be the real me here, whoever that may be. The truth is, I'm not too sure who I am anymore.

I shake my head, banishing the thoughts and memories of her from my mind. I inhale deeply and get out my ipod from my pocket. I scrunch my nose as I search through my songs, refusing to think of my older sister.

I pick a song and put my ipod back into the pocketof my hoodie. The wind starts to pick up around me, making a few black waves of my hair flick around my pale face.

I start to move around, deciding what to do now. If I keep going left I can make it to the high street. If I go right, I will make it to the lake but if I go forward I will come to my new school that I'm attending in two days time.

School. Great. 'A new school for a new you' is what my mother keeps telling me. I've never liked school and now, after what happend at my last school, this is going to be a terrible reminder of all that. I swallow down a lump in my throat, refusing to start
welling up over this again.

My music starts to become static. What the hell ishappening to my music? I take out my ipod and scowl down at the screen. The screen starts to flicker and turns off.

I growl at it and try and turn it on again. I don't understand, the battery was full a moment ago.It flashes on and a song fills my ears at full volume.

'Breaaaak free from the light
Livvvvve in the night
Starvvvved of fear
Fooor all these years

Let the darkness take you overrr
Lightness fade awayyy
The dark is out nowww
And here it's going to staaaaaaaaaaaaay.'

I frown down at my ipod. The songs called Darkness but it doesn't say who it's by. The song is rock, like many others that I have on here. I shake my head, thinking, and put my ipod in my pocket again. It's strange, I know all the songs on my ipod, yet I have never heard this before.

Maybe my sister put it on here before she... No! I'm not going to be thinking about her! Anyway, she wouldn't of touched my ipod. Not without telling me anyway.

A twig behind me snaps. I quickly turn around towards it. My hazel eyes are now little slits, trying to narrow down on whatever made that noise.

A cold shiver runs down my spine, strengthening my sences. Am I being watched? It feels like I am. Ever since what happend, I have been more on edge then ever. No, it must of been a bird or something. I roll my eyes. Man, I'm so over parinoyed!

I turn left and keep walking at a hurried pace. No matter how fast I'm going, I know that I'm not going to get away from whatever is watching me. Never going to get away from that eary feeling in my gut, telling me to watch my back. Telling me to run.

I start to weave past the trees quickly, they're becoming thinner the closer I am getting to the small high street, as I start to get away from the strange feeling. That's what I do, whenever something weird happens, I run and never look back!

A branch intwines with my hair, pulling me back. I wince and stop. I turn around slowly and untangle my black hair as quickly as I can, trying to ignore the pain and the sence of being followed. My breath is coming out in quick gasps. I know that whatever it is, whoever it is, is close to me.

My hair is finally free. I turn back and freeze half way towards facing towards the small shopping area. I can't move at all, it's like I've been turned to stone.

I can feel my eyes widen as I stare into the piercing green eyes in front of me. I shakily open my mouth but no sound comes out from my lips. The green eyes are strange, I've never seen anything ever like them.

I tilt my head to one side as the eyes are starting to change colour. The once beautiful green eyes are now a golden yellow. The yellow goes as quickly as it had occured. Now the colour changing eyes are a fieryred.

My blood runs cold and every cell in my body is telling me to run away and never look back but I can't. Even though the eyes are creepy and threatening, I'm still frozen here by curioucity.

A low snarl comes from the direction of the red eyes,sending more shivers down my spine. I'm not going to run away, I'm tired of running. My feet are moving toward the mysterious eyes and snarling.

The snarling gets louder, threatening me even more with every step I'm taking. "You belong here not! Leave and never come near me again!" A female voice snarls at me with disgust.

I jump, her words chilling me to my very bones."Who are you?" I ask, my voice quiet but full of a thousand more questions. The female with red eyes snarls again, her eyes becoming even redder with anger.

"You know who I am Painten Stocks!" She snaps at me. My eyebrows knitt together. Who's Painten Stocks? The name rings a bell but I can't reconise where
I've heard it before. "I think you have the wrong..." I start to explain but she snarls more loudly.

Now I'm scared. The voice is human but I'm not too sure when she snarls. And those eyes! Who's eyes change colours as rapidly as this female?

I turn and run, I run as fast as I can but I can still feel the females presence following me.

I break through the forest, the high street across the road but the mysterious female with hungry red eyes is still after me.

I look back behind me, still sprinting away from the woods. I can't see anyone but I know she's near. I know she's watching me.

I hit something hard and fall to the ground, bringing whatever I bumped into with me.

"Ow! Watch it!" Says the girl I tackled to the ground. She has an angry expression on her small face. The girl has a long white top on with black skinny jeans. She looks young but I know that looks can be deseving.

The girl scowls at me as I rise to my feet but her face quickly changes to shock, then to complete happiness. I get to my feet and the small girl runsover and hugs me tightly.

She's small but hell, is she strong! I push her awayfrom me, I don't like being touched not for a long time. I look at the girls misty blue eyes and her brown curles.

She looks familiar, but I can't remember where I'veseen her before. She gives me a toothy grin and she shakes her head while she giggles. "Well now, it's been some time since I last saw you Paige Stoox. What are you doing in these parts? Pa Richi said you would come back here and he was right!" The small girl says excitedly.

I smile back at her, now remembering who she is thanks to her mentioning Pa Richi. "Steph Green, how's my oldest mate doing?" I ask her.

Steph Green used to live near me but she moved up here about three years ago now and this is the first time I've spoken to her since she left."I'm doing good. You? Where's your parents? Are you staying here long?" Steph asks, in her fast voice.

I laugh and hold up my hands. "Slow down there. A girl can only answer so many questions. I'm okay and I've moved down here. Do you know Lake Woods Estate?" I ask her. She smiles and gives me anotherhug.

"This is sooo great! We can go out like we used to! We'll do everything that we normally did when I used to live near you! This is sooo exciting! It's going to be like old times! Like nothing's ever changed!" She's buzzing with excitment, her huge grin wide on her face.

My smile starts to vanish, no matter how hard I'm trying to keep it on my face. It's great to see Steph again but she thinks I'm who I was when she left but I'm not.

I've changed since then, twice. I first go into being the hard girl around school, I go myself a rep. I could click my fingers and get whatever I want. Not just because I could beat up anyone who didn't but because I can charm anyone to do anything.

But I don't do it much now, only if I need to do something and can't be botered to do it myself or if I really need someone. I now just stay in the shadows, keep my head down so the past doesn't relive itself. Not after what happend to Lucy, my sister. I
bite my bottom lip and look down at my clean nails.

"Hey Paige, what's wrong?" Steph asks putting her smallhand on my arm, snapping me out of my trapped thoughts. I look at her and give her a reasuring smile, it
normally works on people but not with Steph. She never used to believe my charms, that's probably why we were such good friends for years.

The End

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