Sneek Peek.

My heart is in my mouth as my black waves of hair whip around me. I'm sprinting away. They're after me. They're going to kill me. The only reason the haven't got me yet is because they like the chase.

I push myself further.

I shouldn't of done it. I shouldn't of made my pressence known. I should never of come here.

I can hear them after me, getting closer, teasing me. It's no use. They'll get bored of the chase and go in for the kill soon. And they'll get me very soon unless I make it there in time.

I have to get there, I just have to! Not just for my sake, but for all the creatures on this earth! All of them everywhere!

This is all my fault. Already, even as I run, I can feel the change. I shiver but keep going. My legs are screaming at me to stop and my lungs are working overtime. I have got to keep going! I have to end this. End this now!

A sharp pain stabs my sides. I grit my teeth and wince, trying not to slow down. I can see them at my sides, they're cornering me! I swallow hard, knowing that they are getting tired of this game.

I do a quick turn, breaking through a gap between my attackers. I stumble through the dence forest, some branches grabbing my hair and scratching my bare skin. It's slowing me down but I'm not going to stop that easily!

Sweat is dripping from my face, stinging my eyes. Darkness surrounds me and my feet and starting to protest. I ignore them and sprint faster.

I slip on some wet leaves and fall.

Dirt is in my mouth.

I roll onto my back, knowing I can't get up and run again.

I spit out the dirt and squint into the darkness. I struggle to breathe. I can hear them still. They're close, really close. My hazel eyes  widen as I see him. His red eyes staring down at me,burning into my skull.

The cold, night, wind howls through the dark trees. I swallow hard. This is it. He's going to kill me. I close my eyes, ready for my death.

The End

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