The DreamMature

A story that I'm working on about faeries, dreams, and scientists. Enjoy!

              Jeyne woke up sitting cross-legged against a wall, head cocked over her left shoulder – as if someone had posed a question to her that she did not fully understand the answer to, prompting her to shift her body in an unconscious decision to think harder about it. 

            There was some question that stuck in her mind, but one that she could not quite put her finger on.  Her head was busy spinning around like a centrifuge, her brain being the unlucky contents thereof. 

            Dizzily, Jeyne raised her head to its standard upright form and blinked a couple times. Spots flooded her vision as her eyes adjusted to the dim fluorescent light.

            Since when do I sleep with my lights on?  Was her first thought, quickly followed by:  Wait, since when do I sleep against a wall?  This puzzled her.  Graduate school had the general effect of osmosis on her wallet, but surely she wasn’t this broke.  Jeyne distinctly remembered dropping a pretty penny on a Tempura Pedic twin mattress a while ago; mostly so that she wouldn’t have to spend yet another four years of college with busted springs sticking into her ass at night.

            Finally, she remembered that earlier question that she couldn’t think of in a moment of grand epiphany:

            Where am I?

The End

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