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The next five days were the strangest of my life. Two were spent getting healthy again. My only sources of entertainment were Solomon and Cami. He was more open to cats than Papa was so he was better at playing with her. She slept between our heads when we rested.

Ily akept coming in during those two days to help us feed without overwhelming each other. Our wounds healed now that we were using each other's blood instead of someone else's. Finally, at the end of the second day, he said we were healthy enough to move around again. He had to leave so we thanked him and he said there was a gift downstairs. I wanted to go see it, but there was something more important to me.

It was hard for Solomon to lay with me. When he saw the bite marks, he wept tears of blood for me. He kissed each mark and was hesitant to touch me. He didn't want to hurt me but, between our shared blood and my constant assurances, he gave in.

By the final day, we didn't have any problem making love.

Outside, the weather had turned to winter. Ben came to us with a report that the glass maker had repaired their window. Solomon left him in charge of the store until we decided what to do about our relationship.

We were married now but I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave my parents. It had been just me and them for so long. After many lengthy conversations with Solomon and my parents, we made the decision to purchase a home somewhere in the middle. Ben would stay in the flat above the shop which he was more than happy with.

"I'm sick of living in the same place as you," he said when he visited us.

When I was able to walk again without it hurting, Solomon helped me get my muscles loose again. Ilya's gift still awaited us and I struggled with the stairs. Papa had us go in the parlor and I snuggled up to Solomon.

He wrapped his arms around me.

"I love it when you hold me," I sighed. "I feel safe."

"Good," he said in my ear and kissed my shoulder. "Because I'm never letting you go."

I smiled and kissed him. Papa walked in and groaned. I giggled. He was still getting used to the idea of me being with my star. When I asked him about how he knew Solomon was my mate, he confessed that it was just a hunch at the beginning.

"It was the night of your nightmare," he told me. "When it was his blood that soothed you, I knew then."

Now he sat across from us and passed us a box. Solomon opened it and I gasped.

"Oh, they're gorgeous!"

They were golden wedding bands with our names etched into them. Mama and Papa had some just like this only with their names.

"Look on the inside," Papa said and we did.

I beamed at Solomon who kissed me again.

My Star 

Solomon fell in to calling me his star instead of his mate easier than my parents had. It was very romantic and, during one night as we lay in each other's arms, he had decided that would be his name for me now.

I reached for Solomon's but he slapped my hand. I pouted.

"Hey!" I complained and he rolled his eyes with a smile.

"Come on," he said. "I know you know how this works."

I laughed and took the one with my name on it. He slid the one with his name onto my left ring finger and I did the same with his. He kissed me and Papa left the room. He licked my lips and I was overcome with desire again. The doors closed as I pushed Solomon on his back, undoing his trousers. He laughed into my lips at my boldness, pulling on the strings of my dress.


The snow continued but I didn't mind. I couldn't go outside very often anyway. Besides, I had Solomon.

Two weeks after we were home and safe, we had a visitor. We were seated in the dining room, drinking blood or, in Colin's case, eating. He had a conversation with Richard that he refused to give me details on.

"You'll just tease me," he said, taking a sip of wine.

"All the more reason to tell me," I said eagerly but he shook his head.

Someone knocked on the door and, again, no one moved. I looked at Solomon but he just kept drinking his blood. I clicked my tongue as I stood up.

"You men are awful."

I walked over and Solomon ran up behind me, wrapping his arms around me, and I squealed in surprise. He laughed, putting his arm around me, as I opened the door.

The biggest bouquet of flowers I have ever seen in my life was pushed through.

"Please," Mathias cried and I sighed, not taking the flowers. "Please, just one more chance!"

Solomon snatched the flowers and arched a brow threateningly. Mathias was gaping at him in shock.

"I can't, Mathias," I said, leaning into Solomon and making sure he could see my wedding band.

He spluttered. "But-But-"

Color drained from his face as my papa came over, cocking his rifle.

"What did I say about coming to my home?" Papa asked in a deadly quiet voice.

Mathias scrambled to his feet. "Please," he repeated.

I shook my head and sighed. "Go back to Romania, Mathias," I said, getting ready to close the door. "And take Anna with you. She really does love you."

I closed the door in his face and Papa put the rifle back down.

"Sorry I took your chance away, Papa," I said and he shrugged.

"I will get him next time."

I giggled as Solomon tossed the flowers into the trash and kissed me.

The End

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