The second Erik moved forward, the imps descended on them all. Kendra lost count of how many there were but she didn't care anymore. All she cared about was murdering the man that hurt her and her mama.

Erik was gone. He ripped the throats out of the imps that tried to stop and kill him, all the while trying to get to where Camille and Duke Abbott were fighting. Their snarls ripped through the air as Duke Abbott taunted her. Eventually, though, his laughter faded and he was getting angry.

Solomon and Ben were simply tearing the imps in half. Solomon was starting to lose strength quickly, though. He couldn't do this for much longer but he didn't want to leave everyone in danger; especially Kendra. An imp barreled into his stomach and he landed on his back with a grunt.

"Shit," he snarled.

He couldn't keep up like this. He needed blood. The blood of his mate. He was certain now that it was Kendra but there was no time to feed from her; not with all this going on around them.

He struggled to his feet in time to slice an imp's throat open with his nails. Someone screamed and Camille came crashing down to the earth.

"No!" Erik yelled, coming back to himself. He knelt beside her. "Camille! Camille, wake up! Please wake up!"

Her eyes blinked open. They were blue again and she was panting. A quick look over told Erik that she would be all right, though.

"Where is Kendra?" Camille asked, trying to sit up.

"Right here," Erik said but, when they looked, she was gone. "Kendra, no!"

Solomon looked up. Kendra had ripped her skirt so she could run freely and slammed Duke Abbott's body into the mud, her human gone. She was trying to bite into his neck and he yelled in anger. He rolled up and put her in the same death grip he had Camille in. Kendra kicked and swiped at him but his grip was starting to cut off circulation and Solomon blacked out.

"Wait!" Benjamin shouted but he could only watch as Solomon ran to the nearest tree.

The imps were still coming in droves and Camille managed to get to her feet. Her concern was focused on the battle above where both vampires now were. Solomon was jumping through the branches until he was level with their feet.

"I will kill you," Duke Abbott snarled to Kendra. "And when I am done, I will kill everyone you love."

Camille screamed as Solomon jumped and grabbed hold of Duke Abbott's ankles. The fairy yelled angrily and tried to shake him off. In the process, he dropped Kendra who screamed. Solomon reached down and caught her, though.

"Erik!" Camille screamed and he rushed to where Kendra dangled, still screaming and back in her human mind.

Erik stopped under them and Solomon let her go. He saw Erik catch her but she struggled out of his arms.

"We can't let him kill Solomon!" she shouted and tried to run for the trees and so as Solomon had but her father stopped her. She fought against him. "Let me go!"

"Stop, Kendra!"

She continued to fight until Richard flew in front of her. Above them, Solomon yelled in pain. Duke Abbott grabbed him by his hair and lifted him, tearing out some hair as he did so.

"You tried to kill me!" he shouted.

"And I'll do it again," Solomon snarled, his voice distorted. "You don't deserve to live, you filthy disgrace!"

"You know nothing!" he yelled and squeezed so tight, Solomon's vampire disappeared.

Solomon looked around panicking slightly. He was in the air, being strangled to death by Duke Abbott. He gripped the Duke's arm with both hands.

"You cannot pull me off you," he sneered.

"I don't need to," Solomon choked.

Unbeknownst to Duke Abbott, Richard was flying Kendra up behind him. Kendra leapt on him, digging her teeth into his neck. He screamed and Solomon kept a firm hold on his arm until he could get to the other side of his neck. He sank his teeth in and Duke Abbott thrashed, trying to get both vampires off of him but he was unsuccessful. They drank him dry and he froze.

Solomon gripped Kendra's arm just as the fairy exploded into black ash. He pulled her to his body as they started to fall to the earth.


The first thing I was aware of was the rain. It came down in waves. Then I felt the pain. It was making me sick and I heard Mama crying.

"You have to do it now," she was sobbing.

"Huh?" I asked. "What-?"

"Now, Solomon!" Papa yelled and my dress was torn under my left breast.

I blinked my eyes open. I was on my back in the mud. Two hands gripped my face and turned me to the right. Solomon was beside me in the mud, blood coming out of the side of his mouth.

"I love you," he breathed. "I love you and you're my star. I-I don't know how I know, but I do."

I tried to speak but he bit into my body just under my breast. I gasped, a warm sensation sweeping through me and I leaned my head back, moaning, as he drank.

"Now, Kendra," Mama said in a shaking voice.

"Now what?" I slurred.

"You have to mark him," she said and I blinked, trying to keep my eyesight from fading. "If you do not, you will die."

"Come on, Kendra," Colin said, kneeling beside me in the mud.

I groped for Solomon but I was losing feeling in my arms. Papa helped me and I sank my teeth into Solomon's bare chest. He groaned and I drank deeply, my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I had never tasted something so wonderful.

I pulled back and tried to speak but I fainted.


Someone was carrying me and another person kept shouting my name. For some reason, I was naked. The person lowered me into searing hot water and I screamed. Someone else did, too. I wasn't sure who they were. All I could think of was Solomon and begging the stars that he was okay. I begged whoever was listening to keep my star safe.

The next I knew, the world went black again.

The End

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