The Library

The Bus stopped in a familiar part of town, I glanced back at it, and watched it pass around the corner, and in the same time realized the snow had vanished. I looked up to predict the future weather, and noticed that the low, ominous, barreling cloud was really just a ceiling, and if it was just a ceiling, it would look like a wall, the wall of an appartment building, there were lights on in the odd room, yet like a cloud, I could see the electric current zapping between it, begging to hit the ground and bring rain with it. As I looked a the ground the earth appeared to be begging for rain as well. Even the pavement was starting to crack it was so dry. Which is weird considering the humidity in the air. I turned around to see the biggest building i had seen in my life, I could not begin to describe how big it was. imagine placing a grain of sand next to planet earth, I was that grain of sand, and this building was planet earth. Obviously this comparison is too grandiose for the human mind to grasp, but to the extent of which this is possible, that is how big the building was. like a mountain, as big as a planet. infact, it was so big, If I looked close, I could see little ledges sticking out from the sides of it, and ontop of the ledges were cracks, from the lack of water. Inside of those cracks, were civilizations of what appeared to be fullsized people. Was I so far away that the people seemed small enough to fit in the crevasse of an old building? Or was this structure home to thousands of  tiny civilizations? I saw a door, not decorated enough to be the front door, or even obvious enough to be a "staff only" door, no, this door was meant to be a secret entrance.

I Entered, and at the end of the long dark hallway was a giant dome shaped room, with a big bottom floor, every floor but the first was only half a floor, similar to a balcony. They were all situated differently. they were all the same size and shape, but they kind of all shifted to the left as they went up. There were books everywhere, on the shelves, on the floor, there was even a giant pile of books on fire on one of the floors. There were walls comprised of books, a giant statue made of books, But the most impressive objects of all were the Twenty-some-odd buildings made of books. Some were made of all the same color books, like the blue fort, some were symetrical, like "The library". It was not only symetrical, but seemingly useless to have a library inside a library. There was a kind of castle made of grey, black, and green books. This Castle seemed to take up at least three floors, and when I thought I had found the door a voice prompted me for my business. "I Come from Outside the Library, I seek to speak with your king." The Door Opened and a tanned man a little bit shorter than myself greeted me. "Hello, I am the door man for Caslte Nearvanske, what news of the outside do you bring?"

The End

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