Night Transport

The bus soared through the night as if it was flying, the road merely following beneath like a wave of black ribbon. Snowflakes in the headlights zipped by like stars, and the shadows on all sides constantly transformed as the driver silently turned the wheel from side to side, urging the life of the bus forever forward.

A persistent tapping sound at the top of the side door was a comfort to the silent passengers, some of which were dozing with their pillows against the cool windows.

I sat like in a dream, moving with the motion of the bus like with the gentle rocking of a boat. One thought was strong in my mind.

I was next.

When next it stopped and the double doors opened with a whoosh of invigorating night air, it would be my turn. My turn to wake up from this dream. My turn to step off the bus into the night. Into the unknown.

Each passenger before me had gone without a word, stepping down into the darkness and looking about them with blinking innocence as the doors slid shut behind them. Then the engine would hum again and the capsule would accelerate back into the never-ending dream of flight.

But this time, I would be left behind.

The End

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