night battlefront

The battle of the year is coming to Black Cat High.

Black Cat High is known for its high standards. Power hungry students who originate from rich families, world class teacher and of coursed excellent grades from just about every student in the school. I am one of them. I'm what my parents say is a genius before her time. I have a good reputation and the principal and staff love me. But my principal loves me not because I'm good at studies but because of the expensive brand of cat food I bring him. Do you still not understand? Ill spell it out.C-A-T. My principal is a cat. But still even though I get him nice things he still gives me all the tough showing this new transfer student around the campus. His name is Nova. He has intelligent green eyes, brown hair,and lightly tanned skin. He's quite handsome. You should know....we're all Nights. We are creatures if the dark ranging from vamps to lynxs. I however am A vamp snow leopard and werewolf mix. We're called Dawns. But here I am showing this new guy around campus!!! He's a psychopath in status and he's a vamp too. I'm a psycho too. Pscychopaths are on the top of the school status ladder. We control all stud students and schools private affairs. Some of us also fight. There is an annual cmpetition called Night Progress. Don't ask me about the history of this title please. I'm the champion five years in a row. This will be my sixth. 'So are you fighting this year?' I ask Nova. 'Yeah I was champ last year at my old school.' 'Cool' I reply. His voice is kinda husky and immediately take a liking to it. 'When's it on?' 'Tonight at 1.' I answer. He smiles ' Beautiful. Just in time.What weapons do you use?' 'I use electric knuckle dusters  and a Senile Scythe. What about you?' ' I use knuckle dusters and a Riot spear. But they've been taken out of the official NPs this year. Shame really.' I gawk at him. He can use Riots???? They're terribly powerful and heavy weapons. Not many can use them. They contain Obsindia. Its a type of gem which isn't every good for us. Especially for vampires. I however use Seniles theyre more powerful than a Riot but not as well know. I've had my scythe since I was five. We have reached the boys dorm and I pull him brown by the collar ' Watch out. You'll have  to fight me in the fifth and final round....if you make it that is. I don't know about your old school but here in B.C it's almost impossible to even get into the third round. Just so you know.' I let go of his collar and leave standing at the entrance.

Night has fallen and crowd is colossal just like last year. Neighbouring school have come to see the legendary bloodbath. We have a grand total of seven thousand students. I sit in my throne like last year and the year before that and so on. I am the only psycho to have won so many NPs. I have to wait for four hours before my match come. I wrinkle my nose in disgust. This years competition is just sad. A few children with absolutely no weapons and our lot. I spot Nova in our lot. He has a few scary looking knives and I can see the children tremble in fear. Mia comes over and sits beside me' So you looking forward to this years opponents Skye?' 'Not one bit.  Mean look at them'. I wave my hand dismissively 'Only one if them interests me. The newbie Nova!! He uses Roits you know Mia.' Mia paled 'And what do you use Skye?'i smile at her ' I use Seniles.' She paled even more. Se knew what Seniles stage name was called out and I walked slowly soaking in all the cheers from the audience on the way. Nova was waiting for me in the arena. 'Never did I think you'd make it.' I muttered.the crowd had gone silent when he had come into the arena. He had the audiences undivided attention. I grip my scythe even tighter. 'I'm not gonna go easy on you ya hear me?!' I snarl at him but I know that trying to agitate him is pointless so we both stare at each other for around thirty seconds. The gun booms and we both pounce. He throws a dagger at me and I dodge lazily. I dodge again as it mysteriously returns. i then notice the chain connecting them together. He has speed and skill but no proper experience formation. I swing my  scythe and grin when it comes into contact with his stomach. He grunts and falls to his Knesset gasping and clutching his shirt. I walk over to him and throw my weapon o the ground and say'Hand to hand. No weapons.' He nods and throws his remaining knives on the floor next to mine. He lunges without worming and I hit with a round house kick. He falls but gets up again. He lashes out with a side kick and I jump over him and elbow him in the back . I grab him by the neck while he's down and fling him across the arena. At the last minute he grabs onto me and. I go flying into the ground as well. I can taste the blood in my mouth and curse. I get up quickly and punch him as he gets up and the sweep his lags from under him. He hits the floor again with a thud. He throws a hidden knife while getting up. I jump back and grab my scythe from the floor and drive it through his shoulder. We are allowed to draw blood but only a bit. He screams and goes still. I personally like to  stab through the back but it would cause too much damage. I have won in ten minutes and am now the champion for the sixth year in a row. I don't bother to take the trophy. I walk to my dorm room to change for the party when I realise I'm bleeding heavily from a cut in my arm. He hit me. When he threw his last knife he must have hit me. I smile and say to thin air 'Hats off to him.'

The End

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