Iron Wolf kneeled before the figure in the shadows, who sitting on a throne. All that could be seen was the lower half of a metal body, with feet that ended in sharp, deadly claws, and two glowing, narrow, angry eyes. Iron Wolf spoke, “I am sorry, all I could get was one crate.”

A grand, booming voice came out of the figure in the shadows. It was a commanding voice. A voice that was intimidating to all who heard it. “I am disappointed. But we have enough for our plans for now.”

Iron Wolf exhaled in relief, “That's good to hear, sir.”

“Tell the Iron Bull to come see me,” the voice said. “Then go get some rest, my son.”

“Yes, sir,” Iron Wolf stood up and walked out of the room.

A claw came out of the shadows and clenched itself into an angry fist. Angrily, the voice said, “Justice Knight... You will be eliminated.”

The End

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