Part 10

“Here you go, Courtney,” David said as he placed the Knight-Former on the workbench.

“How did it go?” asked Courtney.

“They managed to get away with a crate of Alberloy.”

“Right,” Courtney said, “but how was the exosuit?”

“... Oh,” David replied. “Well, not much damage this time. The little adjustments that you made made the exosuit feel a lot smoother to me, so thank you for that.”

“I will repair the damage, and make more adjustments for you.”

“Thank you, Courtney.”

David left the lab and headed in to the Captain's office. On his desk were two glasses of whiskey.

“Here, David.” The Captain handed a glass to David.

“Thank you, Captain, but...”

“I know they got away with a crate of Alberloy, but you managed to hold them back, and we haven't had good news like this for a while. So here, to being able to beat the Iron Legion, one day.” The Captain held up his glass.

David looked at his drink and decided that the Captain was right, “Yeah, to being able to beat the Iron Legion.”

David raised his glass as well, and the two clinked their drinks together.

The End

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