Part 9

Iron Wolf jumped onto the van, and shouted to the Iron Soldier who was driving, “Go!”

As the van sped along the road, a police car was speeding towards them from the opposite direction with its sirens blaring.

In the police car, David saw the van and the metallic wolf on the top of it. He pressed the brake hard and swung the car around so that it blocked both sides of the road, with the passenger side facing the van.

“Ram it!” Iron Wolf ordered, as he dug his claws into the van's top so that he wouldn't be thrown off when the van hit the police car.

In the police car, David saw that the van was speeding up towards him. “Oh, you have got to be kidding me.”

“Suit up!” David yelled, as he pressed the button on the Knight-Former on his belt and opened the car door to jump out.

The van rammed into the police car.

Both vehicles slid a little before the they stopped. Iron Wolf shook his head to get rid of the dazed feeling from the van's impact with the car. He pulled his claws out of the van and stood up to take a look at the situation.

Suddenly, Justice Knight jumped on to the police car. Then, he jumped again toward Iron Wolf and landed a kick on the wolf's chest.

Iron Wolf fell onto the ground and Justice Knight landed on the roof of the van. Courtney had done a good job fixing most of the damage to the Justice Knight exosuit in the few hours that she had, but one could still see little scratches on the suit here and there.

Still, David hoped, it should be enough to hold off the Iron Wolf.

Justice Knight jumped off the roof of the van to land behind one of the Iron Soldiers that was getting out of the car. Swiftly, Justice Knight kicked the Iron Soldier into the van door.

Justice Knight opened the side door of the van, and saw the caches of Alberloy. Crates and crates of them. There was no way that he could just run out of there with all of them. So much for that plan.

Iron Wolf roared and charged at the armoured knight. He pulled his right claw back and swiped at Justice Knight.

Justice Knight managed to duck underneath Iron Wolf's slash in the nick of time. From his crouch, he jumped up and drove his knee into Iron Wolf's chin.

Iron Wolf staggered back as one of the Iron Soldiers jumped and kicked Justice Knight's back, causing the azure knight to hit the ground. Reacting quickly, Justice Knight rolled onto his back, and pulled his knees towards his chin, and then quickly kicked out his feet into the Iron Soldier's abdomen.

Justice Knight got up as the Iron Soldier that he kicked staggered back. Another Iron Soldier charged at Justice Knight with her fist pulled back. However, before she could punch the blue figure, Justice Knight managed to punch her in the face, sending her tumbling back into the other Iron Soldier.

In the distance, sirens could be heard as the Iron Soldiers were getting up.

Iron Wolf snarled, then, he barked his orders, “Retreat!”

The female Iron Soldier spoke, “But, sir, we can just kill-”

“No killing, Nine!”

Nine paused for a moment, before answering, “Yes, sir. We'll retreat.”

“Hey, don't I get a say in this?” Justice Knight asked.

Suddenly, the male Iron Solider threw a canister at Justice Knight's face. It exploded right before it hit his helmet and released a huge cloud of smoke.

“Good job, Four!” Iron Wolf's voice shouted through the smoke. Then, directed at Justice Knight, Iron Wolf said, “Not bad, Knight. Until next time!”

Justice Knight ran out of the smoke and looked around. But it was too late, the three cyborgs were gone.

As the smoke dispersed, the other policemen arrived. One of them walked up to Justice Knight and asked nervously, “A-are you alright, sir?”

“Yeah, I'm alright,” Justice Knight replied. Then, to the policewoman at the van, he asked, “How's the Alberloy?”

“There's still crates in the van, but we'll have to do a count to see if they got away with any.”

Justice Knight pressed a button on his Knight-Former, and the exosuit dispersed into tiny squares, which were then pulled back into the red orb on his Knight-Former.

David walked up to the van and took a look.

“Damn,” David gently hit the side of the van in frustration. “They took a crate.”

The End

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