Part 8

David woke up. He looked around and saw that he was in a hospital.

An older man, probably in his forties, with gray hair and a serious face greeted him. He wore a dress shirt, dress pants, suspenders, and a tie as his outfit, with his police badge proudly on his chest. “Hello David, I am Captain-”

“Where's Alan?” David asked, in a dazed panic.

The Captain paused. Then, he said, “I'm sorry, but Sergeant Alan Winters was a brave man. He died from his injuries fighting that metal monster.”

David's eyes went wide. Then they filled with sorrow and he turned away from the Captain.

“Listen, I am heading a new unit that's being put together to fight this Iron Legion – that's what these metal monsters are calling their group – and I would like you to be part of it.” The Captain took out a card and placed it on the bedside table. “Give me a call if you're interested.”

David offered no response.

The Captain stood up. “I am sorry about Sergeant Winters.”

The Captain left the room.

After a long while – after David was finally able to sort his thoughts about their fight with the Iron Soldier and about Alan's death – David picked up the card. It read 'Justice Knight Unit'.

Suddenly, David's ringing phone snapped him out of his flashback.

David picked up his phone, “Hi, David here.”

Sasha's voice came through the receiver, “David! Iron Wolf is attacking another science lab right now!”

David stood up, “Okay, I'll go pick up the Knight-Former from Courtney, and then I'll head straight there! Keep me updated on the situation!”

“Yes, sir!”

The End

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