Part 7

David sat down at his desk. He picked up one of the pictures on his desk.

In the picture were two smiling cops, one of them a younger David, and the other one was his partner. David looked sorrowfully at the face of his partner, and he said to it, “I went out as Justice Knight for the first time last night, Alan. But... I lost.”

David put the picture back onto the desk and he started flashing back.

Half a year ago, David and his partner, Alan, were in their patrol car. Suddenly, a voice came over the radio, “There is a possible break in happening at the Williams Science Lab at 92 Owen Street! Witnesses have reported that it could be the same metallic creature that was at the break in at the other science lab a few days ago!”

Alan reached down and reported over the radio, “This is patrol car 43, we're heading there right now! We'll be there in five minutes!”

“Roger that. Reinforcements are on the way, be careful!”

At the Williams Science Lab, the metallic figure was outside, with a suitcase in its hands. It turned to face the security guard, intimidating the guard with its round head, its narrow glowing eyes, and its round vent for a mouth. It was an Iron Soldier.

The security guard, trembling backwards, fired his gun at the Iron Soldier.

The bullets bounced off the metallic creature harmlessly as it headed towards the security guard.

In the distance, a police car sped towards the two with the sirens blazing.

“There it is!” Alan shouted, pointing at the Iron Soldier. “Ram it!”

“What?!” David shouted back.

“You saw what happened! The bullets didn't even make it flinch!”

“Brace yourself, then!” David stepped onto the accelerator as hard as he could.

The Iron Soldier turned to look in the direction of the police car. It didn't move. Maybe it was expecting the car to stop, but when it did decided to jump out of the way of the car, it was too late. David drove the car into the Iron Soldier.

The creature hit the front of the car, then the windshield, and then it flew off and hit the ground as David hit the brakes hard.

The two policemen got out of the car, groggy from the crash. There was a large dent on the front of the car.

“You think we got him?” Alan asked as they both drew their guns from their holsters.

The Iron Soldier stood up slowly.

“I... don't think so,” David replied.

Angered, the Iron Soldier ran towards David.

Though still dazed, David manged to jump to the side and land on the ground to avoid the metal creature charging at him.

The Iron Soldier roared as it turned around to face David. It lunged at David.

Unable to get up in time, David braced for death.

However, before the Iron Soldier could kill David, Alan tackled the Iron Soldier. As Alan hit the Iron Soldier, it looked like they would both fall to the ground. However, the Iron Soldier managed to keep its balance, and kept itself from toppling over.

“Get the gasoline!” Alan yelled at David.

David nodded and ran to the trunk of the police car. Quickly, he unlocked it and took out the can of spare gasoline.


David turned to see that the Iron Soldier had thrown Alan against a wall. There was blood on the wall where Alan had hit it, and the blood followed him as he slid down into a slump on the ground.

“Alan!” David ran towards the Iron Soldier with gasoline can. Quickly, he poured gasoline all over the steel monster.

The Iron Soldier punched David in the abdomen, hitting David with enough force for David to fly through the air and land on the hood of the car.

The Iron Soldier began to walk menacingly towards David, but David was not out yet. He took out his gun and aimed it at the enemy.

For a second, the Iron Soldier hesitated. Then, it resumed its walk.

“Don't laugh me off yet, monster.” David fired.

The bullet hit the armour of the Iron Soldier. Sparks flew out as the two connected. Sparks which ignited the gasoline that David had poured onto the steel humanoid. Fire started to consume the Iron Soldier, who began to wreathe in a panic. It stopped, dropped, and rolled on the floor, but there was gasoline all over the pavement as well.

The Iron Soldier gave up, and rolled onto its four limbs. It roared and ran towards David, as if trying to take David down with it as well. However, before it was able to get far, it exploded.

David breathed quickly and painfully as he watched the Iron Soldier explode. Satisfied that he had taken care of the enemy, he blacked out.

The End

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