Part 6

David walked into the busy section of the Justice Knight Headquarters that belonged to the Network.

It was a huge room, with computers everywhere. There were five people in the room, going back and forth between the computers and each other. Handing each other documents, talking to each other, or looking at the computer screens together.

The youngest of the people there, a girl with pink-rimmed glasses caught sight of David as he walked into the room. “David! You're alright!”

Everyone stopped to take a look at David, most of them giving him a smile.

The girl with the pink-rimmed glasses rushed over to David and drew him into a tight hug as the others got back to what they were doing.

“Too tight! Sasha, too tight!” David said.

“Oh! Sorry...” Sasha loosened the hug a bit. “It's just that we were watching you fight over the security feed from the building, and it looked like you were hurt really badly!”

“Don't worry, I'm alright. The exosuit took most of the damage.”

Sasha pulled back and gave David a smile, “I'm so glad that you're okay!”

“Thanks, Sasha,” David said. “So, how's the monitoring going? Anything new?”

“Nope, we're still monitoring the security feeds from all the probable targets of the Iron Legion. So far, nothing new after Iron Wolf's break in from last night.”

“Speaking of last night, I noticed that the security guards were bounded, instead of dead.”

“Yeah, that was strange. I mean, I am happy that the security guards didn't die, but, usually, the Iron Legion doesn't show any restraint in that regard. Usually, they just kill whoever gets in their way.”

“Hm...,” David pondered for a few moments. Not getting anywhere, he decided to let the Network continue their work. “Thanks, Sasha. Let me know if anything comes up.”

“Of course!” Sasha waved goodbye as David headed out, “Bye, David!”

The End

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