Part 3

The Iron Wolf charged at Justice Knight. As soon at he was close enough, he swiped at Justice Knight's head with his left hand, claws extended.

Justice Knight ducked and manged to escape the claws. Quickly, Iron Wolf used his right hand to slash at Justice Knight, forcing the knight to jump back.

As soon as Justice Knight landed on his feet after his dodge, he threw a punch with his right fist, aimed at Iron Wolf's head.

Before the punch could connect though, Iron Wolf grabbed the incoming fist by the wrist and pushed it away. Quickly taking advantage of the opening that he made, the wolf uppercut the knight vertically up the chest with his claw.

Sparks of damage shot out of Justice Knight's chest as the claw slashed him. He staggered back, with a hand to his chest. Not giving him time to recover, Iron Wolf charged at him again and slashed at his head.

Justice Knight managed to duck under the claw. Reacting quickly, he jumped up and drove his right knee into Iron Wolf's abdomen, causing the wolf to step back.

Snarling, Iron Wolf swung his right leg at Justice Knight, who jumped back. Before Justice Knight could land, the wolf leaped at him, and managed to slash the knight across the chest with his right claw.

Justice Knight yelped in pain. He landed, but lost his balance and fell onto his back. Iron Wolf jumped up to stomp on him, but he managed to roll out of the way. Instead, Iron Wolf stomp on the floor, strong enough to leave an indent.

Justice Knight stood up quickly and kicked Iron Wolf, knocking the wolf on to the floor. Quickly, he followed up by jumping into the air, pulling back his right fist for a punch.

The metallic wolf stood up just as the blue knight was about to punch him. Instead, Iron Wolf jumped into a backflip, sending his right foot into kick. The kick connected and Justice Knight was slashed in the torso by the claws on the metal foot.

Justice Knight yelled in pain as he was knocked away. He hit the floor and rolled a little before he started struggling up.

Iron Wolf charged at the struggling figure. His target had just managed to stand up when he was within range. He pulled back his right claw during the approach. Then, he slashed Justice Knight across the torso.

The knight yelled out in pain. The impact of the slash threw him into spin. His legs gave up and he fell to the floor.

Iron Wolf stood triumphant over Justice Knight. Placing a hand over where Justice Knight had kicked him, the wolf groaned from the pain. He glanced at the fallen knight. "I look forward to our next fight, knight."

In the distant, police sirens could be heard. Iron Wolf tapped the side of his helmet to turn on his communicator, “Nine! Four! The police are coming. Get what you already have into the van and drive around the front.”

“Yes, sir!”

Iron Wolf ran outside. He looked to his right and saw a van coming towards him. The two Iron Soldiers were inside.

The van didn't stop as it approached the wolf. Instead, he ran towards it and jumped. Landing on top of it, he ordered, “Go!”

Back inside, Justice Knight struggled to get up, but found that he couldn't. Giving up, he let him body slump back on to the floor and passed out as the sirens approached.

The End

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