Part 1

The wolf dropped the security guard next to the other guard that the Iron Soldiers had taken care of at the front reception.

“You didn't kill him?” The wolf asked. A male voice, distorted by the helmet.

“No, sir! Just like you ordered, we only knocked him out.” One of the Iron Soldiers replied. A female voice, also distorted.

“Good. Tie them up.”

The two Iron Soldiers took out plastic ties and bounded the guard's ankles and wrists. When they were done, the front door opened.

The three looked in the direction of the front door in surprise. A lone man stood there.

The wolf looked at the man, who looked like he was in his mid-twenties. He had a suit on, but otherwise, there was nothing distinguishable about him.

The wolf snarled, “And just who might you be?”

The man smirked. Then he undid the button on his suit jacket and pulled one side of it back, revealing a strange device that he had on, at where the belt buckle would be. It was a white, rectangular, mechanical looking object with a red orb in the middle.

Proudly, the man declared, “I am the knight who delivers justice!”

He pressed a button on the side of the device on his belt, and yelled, “Suit up!”

Squares exploded from the red orb on the device. Then, as if drawn by some magnetic force, they flew back towards the man and covered him, forming an armoured suit around him.

After the suit had finished forming around him, he stated his name, “Justice Knight!”

Justice Knight was now covered in blue armour, with the exception of two silver plates across his chest. The device with the red orb was still on the front of the his waist. His helmet had a black, rectangular visor across where his eyes would be, two gray antennas sticking out from the middle of the helmet, above the visor, and a gray plate covering the nose and mouth areas. On the left side of his chest was a simple, small emblem that combined the letters J and K so that the K was sticking out of the J.

“So this is the secret exosuit that the government has been working on?” The wolf commented. “Well, since you were kind enough to introduce yourself, let me return the gesture. I am Iron Wolf of the Iron Legion.”

Then, Iron Wolf took a fighting stance. To the two Iron Soldiers, he said, “Four, Nine. Secure the what we came here for.”

“Yes, sir!” A distorted male voice this time, coming from one of the Iron Soldiers. The two Iron Soldiers started to run towards the deeper parts of the building.

Justice Knight ran towards the soldiers to try to stop them, but the Iron Wolf jumped in between the knight and his targets. “Sorry, but I can't let you do that.”

“Of course not...” Justice Knight took a fighting stance as well.

The End

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