Cold Open

This is the first chapter of my web serial novel, Justice Knight.
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The Iron Legion has been attacking the city! With its cyborg army, the Iron Legion seemed to be unstoppable.
That is, until Justice Knight showed up with his advance exosuit.
Now, in order to protect his beloved city, Justice Knight will have to fight through the generals of the Iron Legion.

"St- Stay back!" The security guard yelled. He took out his gun and aimed it at the two metallic figures that were heading towards him.

The two metallic humanoids were dressed the same. They each wore a silver, round helmet with two narrow, glowing eyes and a round vent at where the mouth would have be. Covering their torsos were breastplates of simple design: two grey, metallic hexagon plates lined horizontally across their chest, with the rest of the torso covered by black metal. The same sleek, black metal covered their arms and legs.

It was the Iron Legion's Iron Soldiers.

"Damn it!" The security guard yelled. He pulled the trigger on his pistol three times in quick succession.

Three small sparks on the breastplate. That's all the damage that the three shots did to the Iron Soldier.

The one that got hit by the bullets just stood there, while the other Iron Soldier rushed towards the security guard. Swiftly, the security guard was punched in the face.

Elsewhere, a lone security guard was doing his patrol in a dark corridor. He was shining his flashlight into a room when he heard the gunshots. Quickly, he turned around to head back to where his partner was.

As soon as he turned around, his flashlight landed on another metallic figure that had somehow snuck up right next to him without making a noise. Same horizontal plates on the chest, but the breastplate's abdomen had straight horizontal lines all over it. The arms and legs were covered with silver metal, instead, and one could see claws at the hands and feet. This one's silver helmet was triangular in shape. There were spikes at the back of the head. The front formed a sort of snout, with two fangs on the two sides of the snout. The whole helmet was modelled after a wolf's head.

The security guard started to yell, but the metallic, humanoid wolf kicked the guard in the abdomen. The security guard was sent flying to wall. Hitting the wall, the security guard slumped down onto the ground and fainted.

The flashlight that the security guard had dropped shone on the metal wolf as he walked over to the unconscious guard.

The End

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