Night Ninja Chapter 3

Everyone left. "So what is it Master?", I asked. "Well it seems like you have been proven a very good assest to the village.", he started to say, " So I will have to tell the village's leader about this, so for now get some sleep and meet me at the Leader's mansion in the morning." "Yes, sir!", I said. Then I left him and headed back to my house. As i go up the stairs I hear families talking, children laughing, and I see lights turn on. Everyone so happy... I guess that's what a family would be like, Huh? Never knew so much happiness existed in this world. Most would talk about the wars or missions. Glad to see there are some people out there enjoying themselves and making every hour count because as soon it is there. It can be taken from you just like that.

 This is the cruel world I came to know. What I know, what I experience, and what I came to feel when I was born. Maybe there is something out there for me,but I just haven;t got it yet. I walk up stairs and unlock my door and close it behind me. I turn on the lights and start cooking. I made me some rice with chicken. As I am eating it I look out the window. Seeing the moon I became... surprised? No that isn't the word, let's see, ah shocked! The moon was blood red. Nobody notice it, but as I look into it my left eye turn red and the right yellow. I look into the mirror and saw it. "What the hell?!?!", I shouted. I rushed out the door with my gear. I run into the forest afraid if someone found out. As I came to a wood house I enter it. This is my safe house it's were I go if I am bored, but only in emergencies.

   As I rest in a bed I am in perhaps a dream? I'm not quiet sure what to make of it? There a person that looks like me comes. He had the same eyes I do right now. "Who are you?",  I ask. " I am you, or perhaps the inner you.", he responded. "Just call me Raven.", he said. "So why call yourself Raven if your me?", I asked him. "Well that is because I want to be different from you. Well not really I find it less confusing, don't you? I know things that you don't know like why your eyes changed different colors, also why right now you don't feel it but a huge amount of chakara is within you.", he said.  I said nothing because I was shocked. " So how do you know these things?", I ask. "Let me keep this simple. One I wasn't created by you. I was created by your father, Blood Raven. So I will take his name for now. The reason I was created is so you would have a guardian over you. Sort of like a mentor. I was also created to explain these things to you so you could have a better understanding. The blood withing you is of half - demon, and half - human. So your like a hybrid, but with some great power. Your stronger than most demons.", he said. " I'm surprised. Yet why do I not act like a demon?", I ask. "That's an easy answer because your human blood retains your sanity. So basically you can't go berserk or lose your sanity.", he replied. "Thanks. So can I tap into it, whenever I wish?", I asked. "Yes, but it won't be as effective unless you learn how to fully utilize it. So I was told, but you always have a gift to gain the grasp of something. Well I have to go... good night.", he disappears. I am soon put into a dream and I am finally sleeping.

The End

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