Night Ninja Chapter 2

  "That was impressive, Zeal.", he said. He did a charge at them with just his hands. As Zeal got ready a kunai he was disarmed and kicked 25 meters away into the bushes. Then star was put into an illusion. The illusion she was put into had her walking into the woods getting herself lost. "It's not over yet!", Zeal shouted. He jumped into the air and did some hand signs,"Earth style: Earth Pillar!" A huge pillar started forming under Master Drake. He started ascending  and then Master jumped up and channeled some chakara into his left fist. The next things shocked Zeal. He was grabbed by Master Drake's left hand and was thrown to the ground. " Earth style: Bound!", he said which was accompanied by some dirt surrounding Zeal then turning solid hard rock.

 " Well this isn't going now where. So where is the last one at?", he asked. I stood still, making sure I don't give away a hint for if I do I would give away my position. "How about you come out now. There is no where left to hide...Rage.", he said. Coming out of my cover I throw two shurikens and kunais. He deflected them with his own kunai. Next I threw a right punch which he dodged and was about to knee me until I stopped it with my own knee and I threw a right kick which got him. he was thrown back. "That's some impressive hand - to - hand combat there.", he marked. I did some hand signs and said, " Fire style: Fire ball jutsu!" A ball of flames appeared but very dark like blue and it almost hit sensei, but left the land melted. That's some powerful flames said Sensei to himself. " Water style: Water drill!", I said as a bullet of water burst through my hand leaving the land wet and even the master soaking wet. "It's over for you! Lighting style: Strike!", I said and a burst of red lighting came out from my hand and strike the wet land ultimately getting him shocked. I wonder what I did. 

  He then fell to the ground. "That's no ordinary chakara that boy possess it's gotta be something else, but what", he said to himself. Everyone woke up to see the lighting and sensei falling on the ground. Then I leaped on top of sensei putting a kunai to his throat. "Seems like your not the real one.", I said. Then I cut his throat ultimately making it poof. Master Drake came from the shadow's impressed by my style and way of thinking. "You all did well. Everyone but Rage leave.", he said. I wonder what I did. Did I do to much or not enough? Did I not work as a team? What happened?

The End

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