Night Ninja Chapter 1

The world of Ninja's is about to witness a great change as a boy named Rage Blood sets out.

   Long ago in the ninja world in the military Era. We faced many wars, witnessed  many rebellions, and  heard many cries. There were Five Great Wars. So there were five main villages: the village of light in the North,  village of darkness in the East, the village of the New Fire in the West, and the village of evil in the South. Each has great powers, they have clans, and also leaders. The world was destroyed once and so we were given a second chance and we lived. Everything erased and we started anew and discovered jutsus, technology, and other races. In technology we discovered more advance technology though not everyone was found of it.

  Thirteen years ago a child was born in the village of the New Fire. He was abandoned there. The child's parents were mysterious. The child's name is Rage Blood. He had black hair and demon- like blue eyes. The leader of the village archangel took him in. For thirteen years the boy was taught in jutsus, mastery of weaponry, and traps. He is very smart and like to keep to himself. He acts cold towards everyone and dosen't have any friends. 

 He had pass the academy with eight others. They are: Rachel Simon, Maxim Zealot of the Zealot clan also know eye users, Shadow Ravenslayer of the Ravenslayer clan, Maxim Albion, Sunset Rune of the Rune clan, Arcana Purity, Aeon Baneflame,  and Star Mist. He was paired up as team one with Maxim Zealot and Star Mist. Their leader was elite ninja Drake Fury, a guy with black hair and wear a combat jacket with blue tights. Team Two was Racheal Simon, Shadow Ravenslayer, and Maxim Albion. Their leader was Flora Jackal, a female woman, who had red hair, and black eyes. She was a extremely talented with illusions. Team three is Sunset Rune, Arcana Purity, and Aeon Baneflame. Their leader was Violet Law, she had violet hair, and blue eyes. She was a genius in tactics.

 I walk down the hall with a headband that had the symbol of the people village. The symbol looks like a U but upside down. It signifies a religious meaning in the village. However, I didn't like it on my head so I attached it to my arm the others had it on their heads or around their necks. I walked out into the street till I meet my master. My jacket started to flow with the breeze of the wind. " Hello there Rage.", Master Drake said." Hello Master.", I said. I continued to walk toward a training ground. Master Drake looked at me and was surprised by actions. Maxim Zeal and Star followed me. 

 "Alright were going to do a training session follow Rage and meet me at the Training ground.", he said. "Yes ,sir!", they both replied. They followed me and we went to a training ground. It was a nice open field and had grass and tree's. As we get there we are greeted by Master Drake. "Your job is to work as a team and take me down or at least cut me.", he said. "Let the test begin!", he said. He disappeared and we were left alone.

  "I guess we have to find him don't we?", I said as my eyes are closed. "Pretty much, but where is he?", Zeal asked. " Let's stick together.", Star suggested. I walked toward the woods and left them both there. I walked up a tree using chakara. Chakara is used to create jutsu's and manipulate objects to enhance, use them to our advantage, climb things, jump to incredible heights, create illusions, duplicate ourselves , heal others, and etc. I sit in the tree and had a clear view of the field.

"Crap he left us. Now it's just you and me Star.", Zeal noted. Star had his back. "Mirike!", Zeal said. His eyes changed into a yellow color with a triangle where his pupil is. It was blue with veins popping out. He then sense's everyone's presence except mine. "There he is 50 meters to the right!", he shouted. They both threw kunais where the Master was at. He dodged it and had to stand out in the open. He had to face a confrontation with them.

The End

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