The vault (2).Mature

On the other side of the door lay every thief's dream: boxes of bullion; hundreds of exquisite, priceless works of art; countless shelves of unique inventions, patent papers and ancient artefacts. But there was one thing that stole the show entirely.

On a pedestal in the centre of the room, illuminated by hundreds of, probably priceless, crystal lights was a small, matte black globe, about fifty centimetres in diameter. To anyone who didn't know what it was, it's placing would have been confusing, but to Slagir and Claria, it was completely justified.

"By the goddessess," breathed Claria, almost immobilised again, "We've found it: the seeker."
"It would ssseem ssso." Slagir's tongue flicked out, tasting the air.
"I can tasssste no one, it isss sssafe."

The pair walked slowly towards their goal, both trying to keep an eye on it whist simultaneously look behind them to check that they hadn't been caught. Occasionally, one of them would stop to examine some other treasure at the side, and call the other over, but every time this happened, they both agreed that their ultimate goal was far more worthwhile.

Eventually, they reached the pedestal, and both stopped.
"What now?" asked Claria, looking at the globe in front of her as if hypnotised,
"We take it, obviousssly." replied Slagir, reaching out a clawed hand, but then drawing it back slowly, "How, I don't know"
"Yeah, just grabbing it might be a bad move." Claria extended and retracted her claws nervously, "We don't know what the hell it'll do if we touch it."
"We have to get it out of here sssome how." Hissed Slagir, glancing round at the vault door again. "New Guardsss will be coming before too long, nothing it can do would be worssse than what'll happen if we get caught in here."
"Guards I can fight," snapped Claria, turning away from the globe, "I'd rather not be vaporised by something I can even..."

"Excuse me for interupting," said a clear, robotic voice, "but I wish to know: is this the correct language to be speaking?"
The two thieves span round to look at the pedestal again. The globe was now hovering about a foot above it, and lights were shining in a band around the equator.
"Your expressions indicate supprise. Is something the matter?"

The End

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