The vault.Mature

Slagir and Claria watched in amazement as the huge door swung open in complete silence, ten tons or more of metal sliding quietly on it's hinges.
For a moment, neither of them moved, frozen by the realization of what they had just accomplished.

"W-we just broke into the unreachable vault..." whispered Claria after nearly a minute of silence.
"We are ssso dead if anyone catchesss usss..." Slagir murmured, to no one in particular.

They stood rooted to the spot for another moment, before Slagir snapped out of his trance.
"Letsss jussst go in and grab it, itsss not like it can do anything to usss worssse than will happen if we jussst ssstand here."
Claria nodded mutely, still staring blankly at the door. Slagir smacked her lightly across the back of her head with a scaled hand as he passed, waking her from whatever cloud she had been occupying. She shook her head breifly, then followed him into the vault.

The End

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