My morning at the Cullen house was interesting. I lay in bed till around ten when Alice came in.  Alice at first acted tired but I said something about needing to go shopping and she perked right up.  She goes from living dead to kill me dead. Not that I can’t a bit hyper at times. She just takes hyper and puts it in overdrive.

I finally get her to calm down; not an easy task. It turns out we have a lot in common. Her and her family love to travel. I love to travel too. There are other things we have in common. I feel like a calmer version of her with some of the things that she says. Granted we’re opposites on some things. She likes the cold I prefer the heat.

Her and her family move around a lot, and that’s why they don’t talk to many people.  I can see that. If you didn’t know how long you were going to be in one place, why make friends? Maybe they’ll stay a while and I can get to know them better.

We spend all day talking. We talk through lunch, and don’t even realize it till we hear the garage opening.

“Well it’s really late, maybe you should head home. You know, so your parents know you’re still alive.”

They wouldn’t be there if it was after school, but I don’t tell her this. She probably wants to spend some time with her family. Or she’s sick of me. Either way I’ll go home.

“Then I’ll come by later and bring you back here. Your spending the night right?”

I’d forgotten she’d invited me. I guess I could stay the night. I had a lot of fun today. I doubt she’s out of things to talk about.

I nod.

She smiles and stands up. As soon as I stand up too she’s pulling me by my arm through a maze of halls and stairs.  I can’t even look at what were passing; as soon as I do we’ve passed it. In less time then I would have thought possible for all the ground we covered; we’re in the living room.

“Sorry I nearly killed you. Want me to go find Esme? She’ll take you home.”

I nod again.

“Esme!” She screams.

Reminds me of my house, only we text each other when we need something. An effective and quiet way to do things; it was the way it worked. My family didn’t communicate well. Dad grunts out his needs mom babbles and never actually tells you and I, I do my own thing. Everyone’s happy.

Going home was a blur. Esme and I talked a little. She said she was excited to see me in a few hours, I just nodded. Once home I went and packed some stuff to stay the night and watched TV.

The closest thing I had to a best friend tried to text me, and had been texting me all day. I normally would’ve responded. I didn’t though because, I realized, we weren’t friends.

She’d tell me things if I wanted to know. I’d do her homework. It’s a mutualism commensalism type relationship. A friendship should be mutualism. I erase her from my contacts and move on.

Now I need new friends. Perhaps Alice and I have enough in common to be friends. I had a lot of fun with her. She looked through her phone and found a new number: Alice Cullen

The woman was magic. How she managed to get my phone and add her number in it is beyond me. I thought I had it with me most of the time. The only time I didn’t was when I put it in the grass so that I could go stand in the water. Maybe she put her number in then. Hopefully it was before she scared me. I trust it was.

Alice watched as her mother figure drove what would one day be her best friend and sister home. Tonight was the night Bella would start trying to befriend Alice. From what Alice had seen, she already won her over. Not that she could tell her that.

Slowly, Alice knew, Bella would become a Cullen. She’d pick off each member of the family individually without even knowing it.  Alice had seen this much.

She had Alice next would come Esme. After Esme it would be Jasper, Edward, Emmett, Carlisle, and finally Rose. Rose was a protective soul with a wall built to keep people out. Emmett was the only one who got through the wall to the other side. Even her ‘family’ sat on top of it trying to look in. She had her reasons though.

Last night had been crucial. Bella had to trust Alice, had to get to know her. When Alice went out into the forest looking for her, she didn’t figure on scaring her. She was supposed to spend some time with Bella till midnight when she would leave.

Once Alice had made her fall in the lake, a change of plans was needed. So instead Alice walked around the forest until Bella was tired. Alice texted her family what she was doing. Bella took a very long time to tire. Once she was sure Bella was as good as gone Alice took her home.

She didn’t sleep much. Bella was up by ten. Alice had to pretend to be asleep while really she was talking with Esme. Esme liked Bella, which is just what Alice’s plan required. Perhaps the little swim was a good thing. It moved Alice’s plan forward by about a week.

Tonight would hopefully do the same thing. Since Bella sleeps very little, Alice only had to pretend to sleep for a small amount of time. Telling her family they had to pretend to sleep was not going to go over well. Jasper would do it, he loved her.

 Maybe they would go hunting. They were going to do that the other night, but someone was in the forest. Bella was in the forest. The boys thought it when they heard her at school. Alice knew it when Bella admitted to being in the forest.

They needed to go hunting. Alice could wait till tomorrow.

Edward would surely be aware of Alice’s plans by now. Curse his mind reading ability.  Little does he know that he will grow to love her. She will be his everything. She will take him out of his slump. She will make him happy, bring him joy. Yes, Alice’s plan was necessary.

The End

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