Midnight Swim

You don’t think about your life much, till it changes. I didn’t know it but the Cullen kids were really going to change my life.  Throughout my morning classes I noticed them a lot. It seems like they were just about everywhere. I had Alice in three of my four classes, which I thought would be nice. Come to find out, the new kids, don’t talk much.

In my last class before lunch, I was able to get information from Marie. So it turns out they’re all adopted. That throws my heredity theory out the window. Now I need a new explanation. They also don’t talk, to anyone.

The last names show whose actually related to whom. There was a whole explanation for them, but I don’t care to know why they were adopted. It’s their life and none of my business. 

Finally the half hour of the school day; lunch. I sit with a few friends at a table. Every day I wonder why. I sit on the very end too far from the conversation to understand or contribute. Even when I sit in the middle they just kind of ignore me.

I guess they built that habit before I learned to control my accent. I can blend in with their ridiculous northern ways until I get emotional when all my control goes out the window. More so when I’m mad. I’ve given more death threats to them than they will ever know because they can’t understand me.

As I’m picking at my food I notice the new kids. They’re all at one table, but no one else is. They talk among themselves and observe those around them. Every movement seems unnatural. They still hold that caution.

I get up and throw my tray away. Once I come back to the table, no one even noticed I’d left. Deciding I wouldn’t be missed, I take my stuff over to the Cullen table and sit down.

As soon as I sit, all talking stops. Thankfully I sat next to Tex.  I don’t think I could have kept my nerve if it was anyone else beside me.

“Mornin” I say smiling.

Alice smiles at me but with a look from the others quickly stops.

“Can we help you?” The blonde beauty asks.

Heart like ice, eyes like fire. Perfect description of the cruelty that hides in her words. Not that I mind, thick skinned I am. In my family you have to be.

“Just thought I’d come sit with ya’ll.” I say with a smile, ignoring the glare.

“Well were perfectly fine so why don’t you go back and sit with your friends?”

“Because I’m sitting here. I came over here to try and make ya’ll feel welcome and if you’d like to move you can.”

Victory for me. The blonde shuts her yap and glares daggers at me. Honestly, growing up in my family you get a lot of glares. Just because her glare lacks the caution of every other one of her movements doesn’t mean it’s going to scare me away. It takes a lot more than a sour look to get me to change my mind.

I pull out my book and read while I wait for someone to say something. No one ever does. In the corner of my eye I see others try to approach but either they back away at the last second or her royal rudeness glares them away. Good lord these northerners have no guts. Honestly what’s she going to; do bite them.

The bell signaling the end of lunch rings and I pack up my book. As I’m walking to class the little pixie hair girl shows up next to me. If I remember right, she’s Alice.

“Ignore Rosalie. Sit with us again tomorrow. She’ll warm up to you” She says before disappearing into the crowds of high school kids.

The rest of my day was very boring. As was the rest of the afternoon. All I did once I got home was laundry and homework. This mundane life bores me. Sometimes I wish I could fly, simply for the momentary thrill of flight. Though, if you have ability for a long while I suppose, that too becomes mundane.

When night came, it was another like the last; beautiful. Once my parents went to be around ten, I climbed out my window and onto the tree. After shimmying down the tree I cross the street to the forest.

Not wanting to dilly dally, I go straight up into my tree. Something is off tonight. The air feels great, but the forest seems dark. Something’s wrong. I climb out of my tree and head toward where the trees clear up into grass which quickly becomes sand. The sand leads to part of the puddle.

I actually found this spot by accident. Most people have no idea that it’s there. It’s a good spot though if you’re looking for animals during the day. I’ve never been at night to know if they are still there. Some of my best photographs are from that spot.

Thankfully my pajamas for the evening are shorts and a t-shirt. I take off my flip flops and sit in grassy part with my feet in the sand. Something still seems to be wrong, but it’s probably just my imagination. Over reacting to the new kids to where everything is wrong.

Unable to sit still with my worries I go about knee deep into the puddle. I guess that’s why they call it a lake; it’s very deep. Walking slightly deeper I smile. It’s so pretty at night.

“It’s really late, aren’t most people asleep by now?” A voice from behind me asks.

Of all the things I would have expected to hear, a voice is not one of them. This surprise causes me to jump. My jump lands me on a slick rock and I fall face first into the deeper part of the puddle. So now the water is over my head, and I can’t stand up. I swim a bit farther hoping it’s to shore. After several seconds, I discover I was wrong and went deeper.

Unable to breath I go up for air. Looking around I see Alice swimming toward me.

“Oh good you’re up! I thought I’d killed you! Why were you in the lake?” she says in one big breathless bundle.

“I was walking in the forest, why are you out so late?” I ask.

“I was walking through the forest. I’d gotten lost then I saw you standing there. Then you fell and I jumped in after you and here we are.” She says laughing a bit at the end.

After thinking about it I laugh too. I guess my secret place isn’t so secret anymore. Oh well I doubt she’ll be able to find it again. It took me the longest time to know exactly how to get there. Then again, I now know the forest like the back of my hand.

“I guess we better get out and head home huh?” She says heading toward shore.

“Can’t I’m soaking wet. My parents don’t know I’m out. Don’t tell them!” I say following.

The sooner I’m dry, the sooner I can get home. I really can’t spend another night in the forest. I don’t think my shower can take it.

“Sweetheart, they’ll find out one way or another.” She says giving me a look.

Her look says I’m older then you do as I say. She can’t be much older than me. I shrug and get out of the puddle.

“Tell you what; I’ll take you to my house. You can dry off and stuff there and I’ll get a secretive ride home, if you meet my parents. See when I leave the house at eleven I tell them.” She says sarcastically at the end.

Wow I’d been out for an hour. I guess her offer is best, seeing as I don’t want to stay the night in the forest.

“Do you come out here often?” Alice asks as we’re walking through the forest.

“Only when the air is nice or I can’t sleep. I am out here a few times a week. If I don’t have homework I even come out here when the suns up.”

“Were you out here last night?”

“Yeah, I fell asleep in my tree.”

After that the conversation stops for a bit.  Alice is texting on her phone, and I am admiring the forest.

“So I know we’re the new kids and that means you know all about us. What I want to know, is stuff about you. So, tell me about yourself.” Alice says out of nowhere.

I do my best to describe myself without sounding cocky. I tell her how I love photography and night, and other less important interests of mine. Somehow I also end up telling her my life history, seemingly, just to fill the time.

By the end of my self explanation she is laughing. I feel a bit hurt, I’d past all my best funny stories a little while ago. I yawn and she stops laughing.

“Are you always so open? I ask about you and you give me your auto biography. Now you must be getting tired, I know I am. We’re about three minutes from my house can you make it that long?” She asks.

I just nod, I hate being sleepy. Normally I don’t get that way till around four in the morning. I wonder what time it is. In my half awake zombie walk, we end up at the most stunning house I’ve ever seen. Its style is Victorian or somewhere around that era but looks brand new. The house is huge, white and reminds me very much off the one from The Notebook.

I stumble in and see a couch. Strangely enough, I think I saw the sun starting to rise on the outside of the house as I walked in. Could it be that late?

Alice has me sit on a couch and as soon as I do, im out.

I wake up dazed and confused for the second time in two days. I vaguely remember falling asleep. As I look around, I’m on a huge bed in a room. As I try to get up, last night’s events come rushing back to me. Now I know whose house I’m in, but I have no idea how I got from the couch to what I can only assume is a guest bedroom.

There’s a light knock on the door. Loud enough to be heard, but not so loud that it would have woken me up.

“Come in” I say not quite awake

A woman comes in. I’d guess her to be in her mid twenties. The first thing I notice about her is the fact that she walks with the exact caution as the Cullen kids do, and her eyes are the same color. Her hair is next, it’s a wonderful shade of brown. It is about the same as mine only slightly more of a red tint. Mine went more golden brown.

She was probably only an inch or so taller than me. Her smile was warm and she walked in quietly.

“Good morning sweet heart. Alice managed to get you two good and lost last night. You two got in really late last night. Or I guess really early, around six am. Alice said you didn’t want your parents to know. We called them and told them you fell in the lake and that we would take care of you since they had to go to work.” She says sitting on the end of the bed smiling.

I look over at the clock and it shows that it’s around nine thirty in the morning. I really slept late. The woman follows my eyes and laughs.

“I didn’t think you’d be up. You went to bed very late. I’m Esme by the way. My husband, Carlisle, is at work right now, he left around the time you got here.” She says

“Nice to meet you, I’m Bella. I have never been a late sleeper. This is actually really late for me. I also don’t normally stay up all night on school nights. Now Friday nights I do, but not nights when I have to be up twenty minute later. Not that I haven’t done it.”

Again with the giving my auto biography to answer a simple question, only this time none were asked. I don’t know I just feel very open around them. Open enough to give insight about myself to them for no good reason.

“Well, I’m sorry but we’re not big breakfast eaters so we don’t have anything for you to eat.” She says smiling as if she ignored my little self rant.

“I’m not either don’t worry. Thanks for letting me stay here overnight.”

“No trouble dear, I expect to see more of you. Alice has really taken to you. She warned me you were a very open person. Don’t worry about it though, so is she. She also invites you to spend the whole night here, not just the morning, tomorrow. Be warned though, she too likes to stay up as late as she possibly can.”

With that she smiles at me, even bigger than the other smiles.  She knew something I didn’t.

The End

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