New Kids

As much as she loves me, first thing in the morning she’s useless. Those caffeine addicts are just worthless before their coffee.  This is why they moved me from afternoon aid to morning. I’m the reason Mrs. Lynch still has a job.

“Good morning” I say though she even though she won’t notice me.

“We have new students coming in today” She says.

For all that woman doesn’t know, she is queen of school gossip. The main office is a world of gossip. I have learned more in here then out in the classrooms.

I just nod and keep sorting thinking over the nice cars I saw. I guess they haven’t been here yet. Surely she’d have told me if she met them. With cars as nice as theirs and a small town like this everything about them is gossip worthy.

Speak of the devil and he shall come. Just as those thoughts pass through my mind the door opens. Six people file in. No not people, that’s too much of a common description. These people are worthy of a spot in Greek Mythology. Aphrodite set the ugly stick on fire and threw it into the ocean with these new kids.

Mrs. Lynch is also affected, but still hasn’t had her coffee so her reaction is weaker.

“Just a moment I’ll get my aid to help you.” She says.

Great, we’ll at least I’ll meet the new kids.

Mrs. Lynch prints out there information then just leaves. Bless her, curse her, or maybe give her coffee. I don’t care what you do just don’t let her do this to me again.

I walk to the main desk sorting out the papers. Six new student forms and schedules to sort through and explain, joy.

“Ok I’m going to give you some forms to fill out, your locker number and it’s combination, then your class list.” I say not looking up.

There’s a knock on the door behind me, where the teachers are.

“Who’s there?”I half shout so that they hear me.

Some of the new kids give each other a weird look then each other the same look. I only just caught it out of the corner of my eye. I wish I had siblings to make those kinds of silent communications with.

When I hear a never mind from behind the door I grab the first name I see.


Just about the biggest high school kid I’ve ever seen steps forward. At first I just want to shy away, but something in the way he walks tells me otherwise. This guy is very aware of his size. He clearly spent some time learning to look less intimidating. His body language showed he wasn’t going to hurt me. People seldom lie with their bodies.

His curly brown hair is cut short. His gold eyes standing out only slightly more than the dimples of his smile.

I give him his papers and move on to the next name I see.


From one extreme to another. Alice Cullen, according to her schedule, is probably the smallest high school kid I’ve ever seen. Her hair had a kind of pixie look. It was short, black, and spiky going in all directions. I could tell it was thick, but it just looked bouncy. Her eyes were also gold, though they didn’t really stand out next to her hair and smile.

The odd thing was, she did the same thing as Emmett. The way she walked was to look less intimidating. Her walk had a bit more grace but it still showed the same caution.

With a smile, she takes her papers. I go on again to yet another name. I did not sign up for this. They were clearly a close family, because both Alice and Emmett were yet to leave.


Old name, elegant but old. Then again so was Emmett. 

Another guy steps forward. The song Lips of an Angel just pops into my mind. Not that I can focus just on his lips. For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night. Great now I’m quoting music and old plays. Next thing you know I’ll blurt out in A White Rose by John Boyle O'Reilly.

Apparently gold eyes run in the family, because his too were brilliantly butterscotch. Though, his were a bit darker than the other two’s. He was tall, though not quite as tall as Emmett. His hair was seemingly unmanageable, but an amazing copper tinted color. Worse than Harry Potter’s hair.  He had this boyish charm that really stood out.

Again I noticed a lot of thought seemingly being put into each step, and each movement. Why would anyone but Emmett have to worry about scaring people? Seeing their body language removed any desire for avoidance I previously had.

After passing him his paper’s I get to a new last name, Whitlock. I wonder what that could be about. I thought they’d all have the same name.


Another guy steps forward. This one carries two of the family traits, gold eyes and careful movements. His seem to have extra care, more than the others. I notice something familiar though, his style. I’ve been here since freshmen year, and haven’t seen any hint of my home since then.

“You from Texas boy?” I ask with only the hope of another like myself.


“Not for a long while.” He replies in just enough of a drawl to be telling the truth.

You can take a Texan out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of them. The accent, something I normally have to hide at risk of not being understood is something that sticks with you.

He too is tall, the tallest, though he lacks the extreme muscles Emmett had. His long blonde hair almost touches his chin. His shirts tucked in, his belt has a large buckle, and he is wearing cowboy boots. Oh yes, there’s no denying where he is from. Not that he would, Texans have a notoriously large sense of pride in their state.

“Well then, we’ll just have to talk more now won’t we? Watch out though, these yanks have tendencies to not understand our accent.”I say as I hand him his papers.

He smiles and steps back.

“Rosalie?” I say hoping that with her last name being his, she too will be Texan.

Her walk is careful, but not a walk; it’s a strut. Her eyes more gold then her blonde hair that simply adds to her beauty. Her beauty would be enough to have caught Romeo’s eye. Forget Juliet, he loves with his eye and his eye loves her. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but hers is universal. I won’t deny her beauty, but it isn’t something I long for.  I like who I am and how I look.

Also beauty tends to lead to shallow people. Judging by her rude stare and the way she ripped the papers out of my hand, she is no exception.

The End

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