A Walk in the...Forest

Walking through the forest at night is simply amazing. The fresh night air combined with the rich earthy scents of the forest. It’s everything I love and more.

I come here often, so much so that I have found my own tree. My tree is a nice strong oak tree, and I visit it every time I come to the forest. I’ve not much of a tree climber, but I’ll climb that one.

My tree is a bit hard to find at night but I make it to it.  With a deep breath and a smile, I climb the tree. From the very top you can see the puddle. I went up there once, but im terrified of heights so I never went up that high again.

As im looking out at the forest I see what resembles a shadow of a person. More shadows show up and I hear what sounds like whispers. Who on earth would be out this late?

“Who’s there?” I half shout, letting nerves get the better of me.

In an instant the shadows are gone. So they respond, and it wasn’t just my imagination. I was probably over reacting though, seeing animal shadows as people. Then my shout scared them away, yeah that works.

Relaxing against the tree, I accidently fall asleep.


With my eyes closed I feel half awake. I don’t feel like opening them. I don’t want to go to school today. I don’t want to turn off the alarm. With my eyes closed I can see a bright light.  Who turned my light on? Turn it off please!

I open my eyes unwillingly and discover, no one turned my light on. The sun came up. I fell asleep in my tree!

I climb down as fast as I can and run toward home. With speed I didn’t know I had, I run home and climb back into my room. I still have a few minutes before my parents would check in. I get my clothes for that day and run to the shower.

Of course I fall asleep in my tree, for the first time, on a school night. As I shower away the forest remnants I think of what I have to do today. I have to do laundry, and there’s a paper for English I should write, but that’s about it.

Stepping out of the shower into the warm moisture filled air wrapped in a towel I relax. My parents never have to know I spent the night in the forest. Thank goodness it’s Friday. I don’t think I could handle any more school this week.

Once im dressed and presentable I go check my phone. The closest thing I have to a best friend, Marie, sent me four texts and called me three times, in the last twenty minutes. Marie is sweet, but bouncy and it’s all about her. She’s a senior this year. I have a few junior friends, but in a small town you know everyone to well to have friends.

After listening to her voicemails and reading her texts, I learn the latest gossip; new kids. Now new kids are a huge deal in small towns because, its new faces that you haven’t been with since birth. With new kids you don’t know every single wrong thing they’ve ever done.  

The new kids are all adopted by some doctor whose helping the other town doctor open a clinic in town, according to text three. Voicemail number two told me that there were five of them. In text four I learned that there are three seniors and the other two are juniors.

All of the voicemails mentioned the fact that no one’s seen them yet but they’ve been here for two weeks. I don’t blame them for not coming out. The town has little to offer, and moving in is hard enough.

Adding a bit of makeup I grab my things and head out the door waving bye to my parents. They don’t really wake up till noon.

I get in my baby, a Honda Fit. Driving to school is a two minute thing. I could walk, but I love driving my baby. School is a turn off the main road, but so is my house. I pass a few walkers, those who either don’t have a car or can’t drive.

When I get to school I see something that surprises me; new cars. I guess I should have expected it being that there are new kids, but these are nice new cars. Normally there’s only one or two nice cars, mine being one of them, but there were two new cars, probably not even a year old.

I get to school early, before most others because I’m the office aid first period. Seeing cars here before me is a bit of a shock too.

I go up to the main office and sign in. I don’t know why we have to, but we do. I start sorting papers for teachers when the schools secretary shows up.

“Morning Bella.” She says only half paying attention.

The End

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