Night Flight

We're not in Kansas any more. Well Forks. Bella is bold and some other twists come in.

I love the night. The stars that shine bright or the moon with its brilliant light; I love the night. Living in a small town means that there is a grand total of one street light.  Luck for me the light is on the other side of town, and it’s not bright.  Sneaking out my second story window I enter the night.

My little town has one stoplight, and that only works twice a day.  There’s a Wal-Mart in the next town over, and a family owned restaurant in town if anyone get hungry. Half the town faces a “lake” which is really just a big puddle, because im pretty sure most lakes touch more than just one town. Another part, the part I live by faces the forest, just about the only thing in town that’s of a decent size.  After the puddle, and the forest all you have to see is middle of nowhere land.

There’s a main road that stretches a mile; meaning it goes through all of town. It’s the only road in and out of town. Twenty miles down it you find another town just like this one, without the lake. If I didn’t like small towns I would be miserable. I was raised here, and I love it.

So living by the forest, I chose to take my midnight escape walk through it. My parents don’t know about these little trips of mine. I don’t take them every night, but the air just called to me. When the air calls to me, I go out. I never stay out past two in the morning though. Since I wake up no later than ten my parents just guess that I’m a normal teenage girl who loves her sleep. I don’t really like sleep though; it causes me to miss so much.

Another plus to living in small towns, there’s beauty everywhere.  I’m a photographer and this is my utopia. The only down side is when you do something bad, everyone knows, some people know before you even do. You can’t get away with much.

 Also our town is only about three people big enough to have its own school. Our entire district has about seven hundred people from kindergarten to senior year. My class has about forty-seven people; the biggest class in the school has fifty-three. Most classes have from forty to sixty people, but were getting bigger. Next year’s kindergarten is expecting close to seventy.

I personally can’t wait to get out of this town. I doubt I’ll go to a big city but I need a bigger town.  As much as I love it here, I will not live my whole life here. I’m a junior in high school though so I still get to enjoy the small town life for a bit.

The End

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