"Are You Sure?"Mature

“Are you sure it was him?” Angelus asked cautiously, not wanting to break the comfortable feeling of having Ina so close to him. She sighed, leaning closer into his side, and looking into his eyes. He saw the hesitation there, the fleeting thought that she just might be wrong.She opened her mouth and closed it again.

“I hope so.” She slid her fingers through his and pulled him along, eager to find the boy and protect him. There are evil things that can distort what would otherwise be good. She picked up her pace and in her hurried excitement nearly transformed into the tiger that was so eager to come out. Angelus squeezed her hand tightly, nearly running behind her, in an effort to remind her that she had a death grip on his hand and that transforming into the large feline would seriously injure him.

She skidded to a stop, and he sped past, unable to stop because of the momentum he had built trying to keep up with her. He tripped when he tried to stop and fell on his face hard. She chuckled and walked over to him, flipping him over. “ Angelus, why are you laying down on the ground?” She smirked, and bent down over him. She lightly kissed his lips before getting up and walking over to the lamp post. He watched her, dazed and love- struck from the small, inconceivable kiss, before rolling over on his hands and knees. Then finally with a heavy moan,he stood up, brushing the array of leaves and gravel from his clothes.

Very smooth, Angelus, very smooth, he mumbled under his breath. She looked back at him, outlined in the glow of the streetlight, and smiled, her voice carrying over to him like a gentle breeze, “Well, it got you a kiss, didn’t it?” She smiled before melting into the darkness and he hurried to catch up to her enrapturing form, shaking his head and calling to her to slow down.

The End

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