Rants and Realizations (for @GardeniasCastle)Mature

“ I really don’t understand why she’s here!” Angelus smiles, as this is something that Ina has repeated at least a hundred times in the past five minutes. He quickly wipes the grin from his face and nods sympathetically,his face solemn as she looks over her shoulder at him. Instead of flying, they had decided to walk, thinking that the boy’s scent would be easier to find that way instead of trying to catch it from the air. Ina had, throughout her long winded rant that seemed to be made-up of that one exasperated phrase, morph partially into the lithe tiger form. Her reasoning was that her senses were extremely heightened while in the form, even if she was only partially transformed, but Angelus knew that the main reason was because she had only been able to contain her anger for a short timespan- and the tiger only made an appearance when her anger got the best of her.

“Are we there yet?” Angelus was ready for the day to be done. He couldn’t fathom how Ina could just keep going after all the majick they had dispensed. The sight of his sister had unraveled him, but seemed to be fueling Ina in the most efficient way possible- he just hoped it didn’t cause her to do something that she would ultimately regret in the long run….like….say kill Domani in a fit of anger.

“Almost….don’t you smell it? The scent of transformation is still quite evident.” Ina looks over at him, her eyes scrutinizing the lines in his face. She has never seen him so obviously distressed. his face is usually an emotionless mask,or a smile, or when he was around her, thoughtful and caring,and lately lustful- but obviously the day’s events had dismantled him far more than they had her.

“ I don’t smell a damned thing,Ina.” his voice is heavy and soft. He looks pale,his soft glowing ember toned skin muted and sallow. Her gaze softens and she leads him over to a garden, kneeling to scoop a handful of dirt. Her fingers sift through the soft soil, trying to determine the mineral contents. She looks back over to him, her eyes soft and loving.

“Oh,Angelus, you spent too much energy trying to protect me.” Her smile is soft, as she realizes why he seems so spent. “Come to me.”

He walks over to her, his stride uneven and halting. Every step seems to take effort. He kneels, falling down beside her. She pulls his hand into hers, her fingers sliding gently over the tops of his calloused hands. She leads his fingers into the soil, as he leans against her, his breath unsteady against her ear- he breathes her in, cherishing the moment as she speaks softly, uttering the basic healing chant. He relaxes, feeling the rejuvenation seeping into his world weary bones.

The End

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