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Ina’s eyes went wide, and the change was immediate. She took three steps back, stumbling into Angelus. He caught her effortlessly, holding her against his chest as she cowered from the slight form that had walked out from behind Esu’s throne. The council sat, mumbling and exchanging glances between them. the change of events had Ina’s fiery majick crackiling on the air, while Angelus was a flourescent blue, electricity thick in the air around him and Ina.

“Well, aren’t you going to say hello? I am you mother after all.” The pale form glided towards the two entwined figures. “Well brother, I see you know my daughter well.”

Angelus watches his sister’s form move closer, feeling the level of anxiety skyrocket and emanate off of Ina. Her majick mixed with his, making an effective barrier between them and Domani.

“Well, Domani, someone had to take care of her while you traveled the world with that monster.” He tossed a look over at Esu, who had closed his eyes, more than likely pretending he was a million miles away- just like he always did whenever Domani was around.

“Domani, leave the girl. She does not wish to talk to you. We have more important things to take care of.”

“Oh really, Esu? Do we now? No wonder this meeting has progressed just oh-so-much. Has your little heir finished her temper tantrum? Domani narrowed her eyes, her contempt for her husband evident in the biting tone of her voice. She stared at the shivering form of her daughter, impressed by the raw power she exuded, but disgusted by the way she let Angelus hold her so close.

“Well, daughter, I hope you’re proud of yourself, you’ve made your poor little mother just so sad.” She watched as Ina’s expression changed from a pitiful attempt at being confident to looking as if she would regurgitate any moment., and sliding back to a mask of anger.

“Well, mother,” the sheer scorn dripping from her words,” I would like to say that I am, in fact, very proud of myself. Now, you can go. You have no right to be here at a Meeting.” She stood, pulling her self away from Angelus, and walking slowly to stand directly before her mother. “ IF I remember right, when you left after our home was demolished to ruins, you were exiled. Told never to come back. So why are you here?”

Domani’s silver eyes went wide, her mouth fallen open in shock. She flipped her white hair over her thin shoulders, staring her daughter down, looking for any weakness in the resolve of the young dhampress. Finding none, she flicked her gaze to her husband, who averted his eyes, staring at the closed doors.

“She is right,Domani. You were exiled, told to go back and live with your human ties. To continue with that...writer…..You have no right to be here.”

“Could you hear my plea? Things are changing. There is unrest here! Hear me out, and then I will willing go.” The confident aura that Domani had possessed when she first walked from behind Esu’s throne, fell like ashes. Her slumped shoulders and downcast eyes reminded Esu of the woman she used to be, and ignited pity in Ina’s heart. Angelus cleared his throat, completely unsure of the sudden turn of events.

Ina cleared her throat, and reached out, taking her mother’s hand in hers careful not to burn the sensitive skin. She softened her gaze, and nodded, suddenly feeling sorry for her displaced mother.

“You may have abandoned me, but as the heir, I will vow to hear and review your plea.” Her voice was soft, an attempt at being comforting. Angelus walked up behind Ina, placing a steady hand on Domani’s shoulder.

“I will have the servants prepare your quarters. You will find everything just as you left it.” He smiled unsure of what to really do. Turning to the council members he said, “I figure that we will adjourn for now, and meet again tomorrow. We have more important things to worry about now.” His looked up at Esu, and upon seeing the approving glance, opened the wide, heavy doors. “See you all tomorrow.”

The council members filed out, each bowing their head as they passed Esu, and again as they passed Ina. Every single one of them avoided meeting Domani’s eyes.

“We have many things to discuss it seems.”

“Yes,Father, we do. But before we address anything else...we have someone to find…..He will be awakening soon, and must be put into the ground to heal after his transformation.”

Domani lifted her head, eyes wide. “Who must tell...are you sure?” Ina nodded, turning to look between both her mother and father, bracing herself for what would happen next.

“Lilah will have to be put on trial as well.” She turned on her heels, grabbing Angelus’ hand as she walked passed, and out through the doors. With one final look over her shoulder she said, “ We will find him… should wait here for her. She will be here soon.” And then she and Angelus were gone.

The End

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