More Important Than...Mature

“Well, it seems as though we both have news to share,daughter.” She heard his confident voice echo in her head.She smirked, ignoring the hardness of his steely gaze. She strode forward, wondering if he was speaking to everyone, or only her.

“It’s been a long time Father, is news the only thing you have to share?” She tried her hardest to keep the bitterness from creeping into her tone, but her voice cracked as she she uttered the last words of the sentence. She swallowed, urging the tears to dissipate, and returned his hard gaze.

“There are many things we must discuss, important things that must be taken care of before anything else.” He looked down on her, daring her to say anything more, and knowing that she would.

“MORE IMPORTANT THINGS?!”, her voice rang out, shaking the walls, her magic fluctuating as her anger flared. “More...important...than….” Her words were barely a whisper, her breath ragged as her eyes came alive, the sheer blue flickering like flames as her amber skin glowed like embers. She breathed steadily through her mouth shaking with the effort to calm down. She never took her eyes from the stoic man in front of her on a golden throne. SHe didn’t even hear Angelus walking up behind her. He turned her into him, pulling her close, rubbing his hands down her arms.

“Calm down, Ina, just breathe. He is not worth wasting your majick on.” Her whispered into her ear, breathing softly, telling her to brace herself when she turned around. Her eyes went wide, staring into the soft amber of his eyes, ignoring the questioning glances the council kept giving them.

“You should be warned…”

“Shut up.” She growled, turning back towards her father. His eyes seemed ashamed, and alarmed, perhaps even guilty as she faced him yet again. Her cutting glance stopped short as she caught sight of pure white hair, and a ghostly form-

“Well,Ina, haven’t you grown all up nicely?”

The End

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