Ina, daughter of Esu and Domani, heir to the throne of MetjaMature

He sat there, watching her as she waited for him to answer. She was beautiful, so beautiful to him. Her fiery appearance set his heart flying, and she didn’t even realize it. Her long mane of bright red-orange flame and piercing blue eyes, her small frame laced with power and control, her smooth commanding voice….He couldn’t stand how she could do this to him, and in a slight revenge, he kept her waiting for his reply, watching her squirm under his steady gaze.

“Angelus….are you not going to answer me?” She squinted,studying him and his weird change in behavior. “ There is no time for this. The blood on Lilah’s hands was an hour or so old, if you don’t understand the implications of that….you need to soon. Now answer my damn question, before i find out for myself.”

“They’re always waiting for you to show up.” He sighs standing and sauntering over to the door, opening it and wearily gesturing for her to walk out. “ Let’s go then, they’ve waited long enough.”

They walked side by side down a maze of corridors, slowly descending beneath ground level and into another maze of halls. They walk swiftly, feeling the magic in the air around them crackle with energy.

“ They really are excited tonight aren’t they?” She swallows the growing lump in her throat.

“Yes, Ina, they are indeed.” He sighs, suddenly tired of this routine of leading her through the house’s maze to get yelled at for her indiscretions. “They have been very discrete about whats got them all here, and i mean ALL here….but I cant think its any good for us...well you.”

“All…? Really, they’re all here? Even…? He eyes are questioning and he simply nods already knowing the panic that is building in her mind. She picks up her pace, nearly running until she reaches the door. The door is huge, forming a wall all its own, its surface inscribed with languages long since forgotten. She presses her hand over the eye in the center, tracing her fingers along the heiroglyphs her mother once tried to teach her to read….There is a million thoughts jumbling together in her brain, but as she looks over to Angelus, she whispers:

“Why would he be here Angelus? Why is this happening?” She sags against the door, closing her eyes and sighing.

“No,Angelus. It doesn’t matter. Its happening whether I like it or not. " She straightens her back, tossing her tangled mass of hair over her shoulder, and giving him a small smile.

He stares at her, a small smile of his own playing on his lips as he pondered just how easily she pulled herself together, even though she knew the hell that awaited her. “Alright, Ina...let’s go then, times a-wastin’.” He smiled, pushing open the door.

“ Council, I present to you Ina, daughter of Esu and Domani, heir to the throne of Metja.” He stepped back, letting her walk through to the center of the room. He watched as the council took in her appearance and smiled at the awe written on their faces…. Happens every time...She stood tall, and faced the man at the center of the arc- her face was solid stone, like the foundation of her home. Her eyes flashed, electric and alive, as she took in the man who left her and that hybrid Lilah to fend for themselves in the nest of the nosferatu. She smirked, knowing his irritation was straining him...the fire was burning bright in his eyes although his expression stayed stoic throughout her studying.

Her smile went wide, and she inclines her head toward him slightly-

“Why, Father, don’t i have some news for you.”

The End

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