He'll be Awakening SoonMature

She shifts into the form of an owl, gliding along the air sleek and wise. Her shadow blocks out the moonlight in the thicket, and she watches as Lilah startles, looking up to the sky and seeing only the form of a bird. Her laughter echoes out as the call, a hollow “hoo” even to her own ears. She flies away, streaking across the night sky across town to a marble house glittering in the moonlight. Her form convulses slightly, changing back into that fire-headed girl with cat-like features. She alights on the balcony lightly, her barefeet not making a single sound on the cold stone. She pauses, feeling the air for vibrations signaling movement- her head turns, cat like in its dexterity to judge the movement of the wind. She sighs heavily, walking through the balcony doors reluctantly…

The room is dark- pitch black except for the small pool of moonlight casting shadows on the far walls- the giant four poster bed is just barely visible. She closes the door gently, hoping that her disappearance hasn’t been noted yet, although she sincerely doubts it. As she turns to walk to her bed, a figure moves silently, pinning her against the wall roughly.

“And where,oh where, were you tonight Ina? “ a husky voice tickles her ear and she squirms trying to get away.

“Nowhere that concerns you,Angelus. Why are you even here? You know its not allowed.” she shoves him away, hard. “You aren’t allowed to be anywhere near me, or dont you remember?” her tone is biting, and sad. He pulls her close and she leans into him slowly, not trusting him or his intentions.

“They called for you. I was sent to find you, yet you weren’t here.” He suddenly sounds afraid, perhaps even worried. “Ina, where were you tonight?”

“ I was out. Just out.” she turns her head refusing to look at him or his questioning golden-brown eyes. This was not something she needed to deal with. She was not prepared for this at all. He makes a frustrated growl, pushing her roughly against the wall.

“Why do you play these games! They are angry with you, yet you leave, wondering about the night like some dhampir trash! You’re a pure blood! You have no place wondering about, shifting and doing whatever the hell else you want! Why can’t you understand that things don’t revolve around you Ina? There are other people involved in this, and you have to take that into consideration for fucks sake! You.Are.Next.In.Line. Act like it.” He storms away sitting down heavily with his head in his hands in the plush seat beside the bed.

She watches him, and the way his angelic features catch the moonlight, shimmering softly.His blonde hair, cut razor sharp now- ragged edges, falling over just one of those beautiful eyes. His lean,muscular build, capable of anything with that fiery temperament of his....the thought flits across her mind quickly, barely even perceivable- They name us by our appearances, but never our personalities. “Lilah has healed...a male, about 18 years old.... That is where I was tonight, observing her, trying to discover more.”
His golden eyes open wide and his jaw drops, her words obviously shocked him more than she had planned on them to. “ I must go see the council now.”

“B-b-b-but how is that even possible?! She’s...she’s not even a pure blood, she’s...she’s a dhampir, they can’t...they can’t….”

“Oh, but they can Angelus. Her... kind...can do many of the things we can. She is my father’s child, is she not?” Her eyes slide over his face, taking in the sheer perfection written there. They only see us for our appearances, never more. 

"Are they waiting,Angelus? We need to handle this now. He'll be awakening soon."

The End

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