The Shadows Are RealMature

The trees sway gently in the the wind as the girl makes her way down the long forgotten trail. She doesn't look behind her- her gaze is pasted only on the dark thicket she is walking towards. A shadow trails her, not her own, but a convulsing form. It can't seem to decide whether it wants to be animal or human- but continues to switch between the two. The girl's feet make no noise and her body moves like water- languid movements like waves in the ocean. The world around her is silent, even the leaves seem to have settled down to sleep. She walks deeper into the forest, never noting her mysterious shadow.

She stops in front of a circle of dense trees. Crawling through the small hole, she enters a makeshift room-the trees had grown into a sort of igloo that had a small opening near the top where the treetops met unevenly.  The suddenly overcast sky would limit her eyesight here, if she hadn't been born of the night.

She smiles, a soft thing that alights her features.The smile quickly falls away as she remembers why she is there. The blood burns her skin like acid, invisibly branding her with the hot iron of guilt-it seeps into the pores of her hand and arm as she slowly lifts the knife from her side and into the small remaining shreds of moonlight. The memory of the night crawls its bedraggled form to the forefront of her mind. She easily pushes the thoughts aside.She has no time to mourn.Not yet.She must figure out what to do.But, when the lingering rays of moonlight glint off the bloodied metal laying in the middle of her palm,the girl drops to her knees, jarring the unsure bones of her unnourished body. I can push them away, but I will never ever be able to forget. She lets out a heavy sigh, her cold,cold heart shuddering in the Autumn chill. This night,beautiful night, watched silently as I took that poor stranger's life.He shall awaken soon,and...and.... Her heart falls into the pit of her stomach, stuttering,deadweight, and feeling like a rock. Why,oh, why was I too scared to end his misery- the misery that I caused him?Why, of all things, did I heal him?

The shadow watches her, finally deciding on taking the form of a small, wiry girl with fiery red hair and cat-like, piercing blue eyes.Her beauty is striking, even more so in the dreary dark as she watches the girl. The shadow watches as the girl's emerald eyes blink and blink and blink. As if warding off an onslaught of tears... the shadow barely breathes as she sees one determined teardrop roll down the lone figure's cheek.

" Oh,Lilah, what have you done?" The shadow's voice is soft,softer than a whisper, just a mere puff of breath, but the girl's ears perk up, wary and alert. She doesn't move, but stays in a low crouch- knees buried in dirt and dead leaves- and waits. She searches for movement, but the shadow has already changed from the fire-haired girl to a formless dark. But the girl knows she heard a voice, speaking in her mind like a whisper.She knows she did. She isn't crazy. She relaxes,sure there is no danger,and lets her mind wander to earlier events from the chaotic night. As the wind blows softly through her golden locks of hair, and  tears again threaten to overwhelm her eyes- she hears the voice again, this time on a chilling breeze.

"Oh,Lilah, what have you done?"

The End

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