This is what happens when mythology and reality collide. This is what happens when a human falls in love with an elf. This is what happens when their love sparks a war. This is what happens when you have to make a choice. This is what happens when you risk losing everything to be with your soulmate.

It was her scream that woke her father up. He ran into her room, still in his night clothing. She was curled up under her blanket, screaming as the thunder rumbled outside. He smiled gently and pulled the covers back, pulling his little daughter into his arms.

"It's all right, cel mic," he said, rocking her. "It's just a thunder storm."

She looked at him with her big violet eyes. "You promise?" she whispered, hiding her face in his chest when thunder rumbled again.

"Yes, I promise."

He stayed with her until the storm passed and she relaxed in his arms.

"I'm sorry I woke you, Papa," she whispered, yawning.

He tucked her back in. "Don't apologize, my love," he said and kissed her forehead, brushing her white blond hair out of her face.

"Can you tell me a story?" she begged and he laughed.

He sat beside her. "What story would you like to hear?" he asked though he was almost positive he knew the answer.

"Tell me about the elves," she whispered but he shook his head.

"What is it with you and elves?" he sighed.

"They're fascinating, Papa!"

"When you grow up, you won't think so," he muttered.

She pouted. "I am grown up! I'm eight years old!"

He laughed. "I'm so sorry! How could I forget?" He sighed again. "All right. I'll tell you one elf story."

She nestled in and smiled in anticipation.

It was long ago. When the goddesses made the earth, they created many different beings. Among them were elves. They were crafty, tiny, and cruel. They resembled humans but they lived longer and hated the humans. They envied how the humans were able to live in the open. The goddesses had ordered them to live in their own glades.

So, they lived in silence, observing the humans and other creatures that lived in silence. They were frustrated. Why were the humans given such freedom? The humans were much bigger than they were, though. They were giants in their eyes. So, the elf king Aymon Venpetor, decided to take matters into his own hands. He wanted to rule the humans, to make them work for the elves! He declared war.

But the humans mocked their small size. That only angered the king more and he crafted an army of the wooden trees around him. He imbued them with his magic. A vicious war ensued. Humanity was enslaved for many centuries. Finally, a young princess - whose name has tragically been forgotten - stopped the war and killed the evil elf king.

She ruled with an iron fist. She sent the elves back into their forests and forbid them to ever come again. Thus peace ruled again in our world.

"What was the princess's name?" the little girl breathed.

He smiled and kissed her forehead. "No one can remember. Now, go to sleep cel mic."

She pouted but nodded. She yawned and turned on her side as her father went back to his bed. But she couldn't sleep. She kept wondering about the elves and the princess. Was it really a princess or was her father humoring her since she was a girl?

Eventually, she managed to sleep by promising that, one day, she would solve the mystery on her own!

The End

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