Chapter 2

*Three years later*

Misaki stood in front of the pedestal with the black and dark blue katana stabbed into it. She had her hands clenched into fists at her sides. 'All I have to do is pull it out and step into the ritual circle then subdue the demon and it’ll be mine,' she thought. That should be easy enough. It wouldn’t be the hardest thing she’s faced. Still, doubt and slight fear seemed to hold her back.           

“What are you waiting for?” Guren’s voice asked behind her. She tensed slightly. “Do you want the Cursed Gear or not?”           

“I do,” she said softly. “I do want the Cursed Gear. It’ll be the way I’ll avenge my dead friends. By eliminating all the vampires. I will avenge them.” Then she narrowed her eyes and looked up fast. She grabbed the hilt of the katana and pulled it out of the pedestal, leaping back into the ritual circle. Bright blue light glowed around her before everything went black.           

Her eyes snapped open and she realized she was lying on her back in a vast white space. She sat up slowly and looked around then stood. There was nothing around her. She had no idea where she was. She stayed still until she heard a voice behind her. A voice she recognized all too well.           

“Misaki-chan,” he said softly.           

She looked back quickly to see Mika standing there. Then she realized that the place around her had changed. She was now back at the Hyakuya orphanage, in the last room she had seen before being taken by the vampires. Mika stood about five feet away from her, smiling happily at her. Her eyes involuntarily filled with tears as she studied his light blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair. She missed him so much.           

“You didn’t come with us Misaki-chan. You left us for another group of friends. You left us and now we’re all dead,” he said with a smile.           

Misaki clenched her hands into fists at her sides.  After waiting for Mika, Yu, and the others to come meet her outside, they had never shown up. The logical side of her told her that they were dead, but there was still a small faint piece of hope that it wasn’t the case.            “That’s not true. We planned to meet up after we all escaped. That was our plan,” Misaki said with a slight growl.           

“Sure, but you still abandoned us for other friends. We were your family, weren’t we Misaki-chan?” he asked with that smile.           

“Shut up! It’s not a good idea to use people I love against me. Just give up the act and give me your power. I need to become stronger,” Misaki ordered.           

“Why do you need to become stronger? Is it in order to avenge us? To avenge your other friends?” Mika asked.           

“That’s right,” Misaki said in a low voice. “I need to become strong enough to eliminate all the vampires. In order to put mankind back on top. That’s why I need power.”           

Mika smirked slightly and black smoke started curling around him from the ground. It swirled up and around him before he fell to the floor. Misaki’s eyes widened in shock. 

“Mika!” she cried, trying to race towards him. But the black smoke formed into tendril shapes and wrapped around her arms, holding her back. She clenched her teeth in anger as the smoke made a huge cloud in front of her. Then a figure stepped out of the dark smoke. 

 It was a girl, who looked to be about twenty years in age. She had pitch black hair that was wavy and flowed almost to her waist. She wore black lace up boots with black pants that hugged her legs along with dark blue button up shirt with lacy cuffs. A dark blue bow was tied in the back of her hair. Scarlet eyes with black eyeliner and mascara looked menacingly at Misaki. She frowned at Misaki and Misaki noticed she had small fangs.           

“So you think just because you can point out my trick that you’re all that? You think you can use my power? Well my dear, it’s not like it’s that simple,” she said in a mocking tone.  

“Just let me use your power to get revenge against the vampires!” Misaki cried.           

“So its revenge you want? Well then, I think I could lend you my power. But even so, that’s not enough. You have to give yourself over to your desire for revenge completely. Then I can take you over and make that possible! That’s what you want isn’t it? To have all the power you need to destroy all the vampires?” the demon asked.           

“Stop it,” Misaki said softly.           

“If you let me take you over, you can stay here with your family forever. That’s what you want, right? I can make that happen. I can avenge your family for you and you can live here with them forever. It’s a win-win,” the demon said with a mocking smile.       

Misaki clenched her fists. "I said stop it," she said, growling slightly.  Misaki could feel tears swelling up in her eyes and she tried to force them back. She looked down at the ground. "How dare you impersonate my family! How dare you suggest that I sit back and watch you take MY revenge for me?" Misaki looked up and took a step toward the demon."And how dare you assume that Mika would want me to feel bad for saving myself? Mika was a better person than I ever will be! Mika wouldn't want me to feel this way. How dare you? I hate you!" Misaki screamed       

The demon laughed and grabbed Misaki by the neck, raising her into the air. "How dare I, you ask? How dare you allow yourself to need help to take your revenge. How dare you assume that a weakling like you could ever use the power I possess. You want my power that bad? Then take it from me. You think you deserve to avenge your friends? Then make me help you." the demon said, beginning to  slink into the shadows.        

Misaki fell to the ground. "Come back, demon!" she shouted. "I will use your power, or I will die trying. I hate the vampires, and I will destroy them even if it means tearing myself down in the process! You will hearken to my voice, because starting today, I  am your master. You will do as I command, demon. Because I have you figured out. I can feel the hatred emanating from your body. You feed off of hatred, and I have plenty of it!" Misaki shouted.        

Black smoke covered the room, converging into a single spot in the room. Laughter echoed from all corners until the demon was visible in the pile of smoke. The demon girl now stood inches from Misaki's face, leaning in so close Misaki could feel her breath. Misaki didn't blink in the face of the demon. "We will become one under my control. Together, we will destroy the reign of vampires with our hate," she said.        

The demon smiled and grabbed Misaki's wrist. "You have yourself a deal," she said.         Misaki gasped and sat up. Her vision was blurry and she felt like she was going to throw up. Guren took a step in Misaki's direction. She grasped the katana and stood up. Instantly, she fell back to her knees and her mouth forced itself open. Guren's eyes widened as he watched Misaki. Black smoke was forcing itself out of her throat and into the room.        

She wanted to scream, wanted to writhe in pain, but Misaki was bound to the floor with black smoke pouring out of her mouth. Her arm stung like a needle of dry ice being etched into her skin. Out of the corner of her eye, Misaki could see that her arm was glowing.         The black smoke piled into the figure of a girl. The demon began to look more human like the more smoke came out. Finally, Misaki was able to stand up, and the demon was completely visible standing in the middle of the room. She grabbed her throbbing arm to see a word written on it. "Kamaya," she read.        

The demon spoke. "My name. With that seal, we are bound to each other as master and servant. You alone command my actions, and together we have become one," Kamaya said.        

Guren stepped forward. "Congratulations Misaki. Now you have a cursed gear who can evidently appear before everyone with her own power. I hope it doesn't become too much of a burden to bear," he said.        

"Don't worry about me. I will handle it. I have to," Misaki said.        

Kamaya stepped forward towards the general called Guren. "Do not worry, pitiful human. My master is very much capable of enduring my power. The seal on her arm proves that much. Even you could not do that much, I think. This seal means that I am commanded to protect my master at all costs. You will not find many others with this level of bond between a master and their cursed gear," Kamaya said.        

Misaki gripped her katana. "How is it that I can see you? I can't see any one else's demon. I thought that the demons had to stay in the cursed gear," she said.        

"That is a common misconception," Kamaya said. "That katana is my body. Demons do not normally have bodies of their own, which is why possession is such a popular method for obtaining one. Demons do not need a body to exist the way humans do. My spirit can exist alone. Therefore, I can project my image outside of my body. The image you are seeing is what I looked like before I became a demon. That is all you need to know," Kamaya said.       

"What do you mean, before you became a demon?" Misaki asked.        

"I will repeat myself, master. That is all you need to know, and I shall tell you no more concerning the subject, save this piece of knowledge. Demons are not born. They are made." Kamaya said, looking over at Guren with a nasty grin. 

The End

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