Chapter 1

*Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End Fan Fiction* A deadly virus wiped out most of the human population, leaving vampires to enslave humanity. However, there is hope for the human race. The Moon Demon Company is an elite force of humans who have vowed to destroy the vampires. With the help of her cursed gear Kamaya, Misaki will stop at nothing to destroy the vampires. Sacrifices will be demanded of all, and no one can escape this world of death.

The day started out fairly normal. Mika wanted to take the younger kids out to the park, a few blocks away. Yu was being his stubborn self and refused to go. But of course, Mika and Misaki were able to convince him to come anyway. He was the newest member of their little family at the Hyakuya orphanage. Misaki understood how he felt. Before him, she had been the newest addition to the small family. She knew he’d open up to them eventually, but that meant that he would need to join them in times like this, to get to know them all better.

They had gone to the park and were playing around with one another. Most of the children were under the ages of six, except for Yu and Mika, they were eight. Misaki was ten. All of the other children looked up to the three of them, but they all knew who the real leader was, so to speak. Mika was the one usually in charge, even though Misaki was older, he had been at the orphanage longer than any of them. He treated all of them with respect and care. He was like the brother Misaki never had.

Suddenly everything went downhill. It was later in the day and the sun had just set. They had been getting ready to leave the park when everything collapsed. The first thing they noticed were the car crashes. Then there were the screams of people. The children stopped playing, when they heard the loud crashes, the exploding of cars against buildings, and the terrified screams of dying civilians. They raced to Mika, Yu, and Misaki, seeking comfort and protection from the horrid sounds. The three of them were just as terrified, not just from the mortifying sounds, but from the scared faces of the four younger ones. Misaki immediately picked up one of the younger girls, holding her tightly as the young girl wrapped her arms around Misaki’s neck.

Then Misaki noticed a plane falling from the sky. It crashed into the skyscrapers a few blocks away, exploding in a fiery hot inferno.

The children cried out, calling for the three of them. Misaki tried to soothe them as best she could. Mika and Yu did the same. Even though Yu acted cold and heartless most of the time, he truly cared about them. When it came down to it, Misaki knew he’d do anything to protect them all. His emerald green eyes showed his shock, concern, and worry with the events that were unfolding around them. His dark black hair, which stuck up slightly, flew around his head as he quickly looked around.

Mika immediately started telling the younger kids they were going home. He had a younger boy now placed on his back. He was looking around at all of them with his light blue eyes, which were showing slight fear, but mostly determination. His blonde hair swept over his eyes as he looked back towards the orphanage.

They all immediately started running out of the park and down the street. Mika was leading the way and Yu brought up the rear. Misaki stayed in the middle, making sure to keep all the children together. She still held the younger girl close to her chest. The young girl was clutching onto Misaki tightly, her eyes clamped shut. Misaki couldn’t blame her for shielding her eyes from the destruction unfolding around them. Everywhere she looked there were people lying in the streets and on the sidewalks. Cars were crashed into each other and the buildings all around them. She could even see the bodies of people still inside. Fires were ablaze all over from the wreckage. It was a horrifying sight that was going to be burned in her memory forever.

 Mika led them across a street and through a back alley. A man was lying face down on the ground, holding the leash to his dog, which was sniffing his body. As they passed, the dog perked his ears at them and barked, pulling against his dead masters’ arm. The other children gasped, but Mika, Yu, and Misaki urged them to keep going. They continued quickly down the alley, going out onto the street where the orphanage was located.

When they stepped onto the street, a woman’s voice started echoing around the small group. Misaki looked around quickly, but couldn’t find a source. She continued running towards the small building she now considered home, but also listened intently.

“This is a warning. Due to foolish humans, a deadly virus has spread,” the woman’s voice boomed.  The group ran through the gates and inside the building, going up the stairs towards the top floor. “As a result, the human race will perish.”

When they got there, Mika set the little boy on his back down then threw open the door. Misaki gasped when she saw the director of the orphanage lying face down on the ground. Akane, one of the slightly older girls, was leaning down next to the director. Mika ran over, kneeling down as well, as Akane looked at him.

“Mika, the director has . . .” Akane said slowly.

 “Yu-chan! Misaki-chan! Look after everyone!” Mika said quickly, looking back at Misaki and Yu, who now had the children gathered around them. Then he looked back at the director. “Director! Director!”

 Then there was a loud sound of a door being thrown open from downstairs. The children all gasped, jerking away as the sound resonated through the building. Yu and Misaki stepped back quickly, staring at the door in shock and slight fear. A younger boy stood in between the two, gripping both of their arms tightly.

 “Big brother Yu . . .  Big sister Misaki . . .” he said softly in fear.

“However, we know that the virus does not infect children thirteen and younger,” the woman’s voice started up again. By now, Misaki could hear footsteps slowly coming up the stairs, getting closer and louder. “Therefore, we, the direct unit of the Third Progenitor, Krul Tepes, will start the ‘protection’ of the children of this district.”

That’s when a shadow passed over the window. Misaki and Yu gasped softly, looking over quickly. A strange robed figure was standing outside and he raised his hand to the glass that separated him from the children. The glass shattered easily and Yu fell back away from him as they all cried out. Akane was sitting behind Yu and she placed her hand on his arm, as if seeking comfort. Misaki kneeled down next to Akane, watching the man carefully.

They all looked over as the door to the room opened and another strange robed figure appeared in the doorway. The two men approached the small group of children slowly. Misaki and the others backed up a bit, the younger children behind the older ones. They stayed closely together until the two men stopped near them.

The next little while was a blur to Misaki as they were all loaded into a truck together. The younger children were mortified, but Mika, Yu, and Misaki, as well as Akane, did their best to soothe them. The truck was big, like something the army would use. There was a tarp over the back, blocking the children’s view outside. They all huddled together, staying as close as they could as more children joined them in the back of the big truck.

Misaki was holding onto a younger girl, the one she had carried to the orphanage from the park. The young girl was shivering in fear, but Misaki was humming a soft, soothing tune as she stroked the young girl’s head. The other children around her were just as mortified. Misaki wished more than anything that she could take away their fear. But she couldn’t do that when she was terrified herself. Little did she know, things were about to change forever.


Kamaya drew a breath of the icy air. Her long black hair rustled in the breeze. Her bangs were getting in her eyes and only the two braids on either side of her head that tied in the back kept the rest of her hair out of her face. she wore a long sleeved black dress with a dark blue ribbon that tied in the back of the dress. Where the two braids in her hair met, a hair ribbon tied into a bow matched the colour of the bow on the dress.  The dress had a lace back just above the bow in the back. On her feet, Kamaya wore a pair of black boots.

 She stood watching Suta in the cold. He wouldn't listen to her, but she had to warn him anyway. Ever since he found out that Kamaya was a vampire, he'd been ignoring her. She didn't care if he hated her. She didn't care that she would be reprimanded for saving his life. The nobles might decide to have her executed for her treachery, but it didn't matter. As long as Suta survived, Kamaya would resign herself to any fate. 

 "Please don't walk away," Kamaya whispered in Suta's ear as she sat down at the table with him. Suta's back stiffened and his breathing slowed. He wouldn't look at her. 

"I thought I told you to leave me alone," he said. 

 "I know. After this, I promise you'll never see me again. I shouldn't have lied to you, I know that, but I can't change the past," she said. 

Suta turned to face her. Kamaya felt a stab in her heart. Here was the man she cared for most in this world, and his eyes showed only disgust toward her. "Then why are you here, Kamaya? I don't want to associate myself with your filthy race, I've told you that. I'll never visit your city, if that's what you've come here to tell me," he said. 

"Time is running out, Suta. If you don't come with me, you'll die! I know you hate me, Suta, and I've accepted that. You don't need to love me for me to save you, but you have to come to the vampire city. A virus is coming very soon. It will claim the lives of humans ages thirteen and older," Kamaya cried. She was surprised at the desperate tone in her own voice. 

Suta sighed. "At this point, I honestly don't care. You've told me all this before, and I'm not changing my answer. You said that not every human will die, right? Just nine in ten. If it is God's will that I live, then I will survive with or without your protection," he said. 

Kamaya growled. "Stop being so religious. Your God will not save you, he has abandoned you along with the rest of mankind. The age of humans has ended. The vampires are to become the supreme race. But I can save you. Why won't you let me?" she asked, closing her eyes. 

"What's the point? You say vampires will become the supreme race, but what does that mean? Even if I went with you, what would happen? Your people would not take kindly to me. What would you have me do? Allow myself to become a monster like you?" he asked. 

Suta's words stung, but Kamaya tried her best to act unaffected. Her voice was quieter than before. "You don't have to be a can stay human. I'll protect you. Suta..." Kamaya's voice cracked and her eyes began to water. "Suta, I love you! I don't want to lose you, even if you already consider me lost. I'm still the same person I've always been. The only difference is now you know the truth. I thought...I thought it wouldn't matter to you."

 "How could it not matter to me?" he asked. "I was ready to marry you! I was ready to start a family with you, then I find out that you aren't capable of living the life I've always wanted. I find out that you're not even human, that you're not allowed to have children! How was I supposed to be okay with that?" he asked. 

 "I-I'm sorry. It was a lapse of judgement on my part...I didn't realize that was so important to you. I had always thought that perhaps we could adopt children when the time was right. Or maybe I didn't. I don't know. I'd never really thought that far ahead. Those things, they aren't a priority among vampires. I had forgotten," she said.

"Exactly. You forgot how it was to be human. That's why I can't accept you, Kamaya. You've given into your beastly desires. How could I be okay with you draining the blood of innocent people?" Suta asked. 

 "I don't know. I only know that I loved you with all my heart. I was trying. I was trying really hard to stop drinking blood for you, I-" Kamaya stopped talking. 

 The screaming began. Kamaya jumped in surprise as the apartment complex across from the restaurant she was in exploded. Hues of red painted the sky and sound pierced the night. The stars, once a symbol of the eternities seemed to mock us.  Sirens wailed, but that was only the beginning. 

Bodies slammed into the ground, expressions of shock plastered onto their faces. Kamaya's breath caught in her throat. Among the stone cold dead lay Suta. Kamaya's scarlet red eyes widened and she made no effort to stop her tears from falling. "Suta!" she screamed, falling to the ground in agony. "Suta, no! Suta stay with me! You can't die! You're okay, you have to be okay! Suta!" 

 Suta did not smile. His eyes were glazed over in shock. His skin was already beginning to become clammy and cold. Kamaya curled up next to him. " I didn't..I didn't even..." she couldn't get the words out. Choking on her own misery, her words cut her throat like daggers. "Suta I love you," she finally managed to say. "I was going to save you..." 

 Something snapped in her chest and Kamaya's heart began to burn. She cried out in pain, clawing the floor. A loud voice echoed throughout the air which was now chillingly silent. "This is a warning. Due to foolish humans, a deadly virus has spread. Unfortunately, the human race will perish. However, we know that the virus does not infect children 13 and under. Therefore, we, the direct unit of the third progenitor, Krul Tepes will start the protection of the children of this district." 
        Kamaya stood up, her face suddenly dry. Her heart felt none of the agony of loss she had felt just moments before. All that was left was hatred. She looked around at the dead bodies, their blood spilling out of their carcasses. She couldn't contain herself any longer. For months she had suppressed the urge to feed in a feeble attempt to get Suta to trust her. Now he was gone. 

Her instincts took over and she crouched down on the floor and began to suck up human blood as quickly as she could. A warm sensation surrounded her as she filled her belly. She heard someone walk over the shattered glass. Kamaya shot up in an instant, ready to attack. Her eyes locked onto a man and a girl with purple hair. 

 Kamaya wiped her face and smiled as she lunged forward. She slashed at the man's face as he shot at her. His face gushed with blood. Kamaya sprang into the air to avoid the little girl who was trying to stab her. Upon landing, a syringe was implanted into her skin by the man. 'How pathetic,' she thought. 'I've been brought down by two mere humans. If only I had been drinking blood those last few months.' 

 It wasn't as if going without blood had gained her anything. Suta had still perished. Now she would be vanquished as well. Perhaps this was what she deserved. After all, she had betrayed her people for a human. It seemed only fitting that the humans would betray her. For in their eyes, Kamaya was a monster to be slain. 

She closed her eyes as the drug entered her system. 'How smart of those little humans. They made a drug strong enough to sedate me,' she thought, before succumbing to darkness. 

The End

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