Night Blood

This story is about a boy named Mortis, he had lived his whole life in Midnight. A town thats been divided into two sections, one being where the vampires live and the other being where the humans live. The town hates Mortis because his father is a vampire. When his father comes back to kill off all the humans in that town, the town's only hope is Mortis. When they found out that the greatest vampire hunter has a few plans up her sleeve which could also end in the deaths of millions. Mortis must

Night Blood

Chapter 1 

            A little boy was walking in the woods, the moonlight shining on his back. When he came to a clearing, he was about to turn around. But then he caught sight of a little girl holding a small silver knife in her hand. Her back was towards him when he approached her.

          "What are you doing?" he asked, concerned. 
            "I'm going to kill myself; I just can't live with this anymore. Hey, you're that Mortis boy aren't you?"
She wondered.
                        "Yeah," he answered. 
            "My parents say that you're horrible, 
that you should have never been born," the girl said. 
            "Everyone says that, but I don't care. I'm more worried about you. Please don't kill yourself," Mortis whispered, tears beginning to pool up in his eyes.
            The girl took out a small silver knife from her pocket and held it out over her chest. Before she could plunge it towards her heart Mortis grabbed her wrist, taking the knife from her hand and throwing it on the ground.

 The little girl looked at him in shock screaming at him, kicking at him; anything for him to feel the pain that she was going through. Mortis stared at her, not saying a word, not defending himself. Exhausted she stopped and fell to the ground, tears streaming down her face. He dropped to his knees before her, trying to hold her. 

             "Hey please stop crying. It's okay. Living can be hard at times but it's worth it." 
            The girl stopped crying and looked up at him. Mortis gasped, the girl was so pretty. She had dazzling long black hair, pale skin, and soft brown eyes. She looked to be about five years old, one year younger then Mortis.

            "Would you like to be my friend?"Mortis asked, stroking the girl's hair in an attempt to comfort her. 
                        "You want to be my friend?" She asked in wonder. 
            "Yes of course," Mortis said while smiling at her. 
            "I'll be your friend. I'm Ember; want to go catch fireflies with me?" 

            Mortis woke up with a start, finding himself sprawled on the floor. He sighed, pulling himself up as he rubbed a sore spot on the back of his head.

             "Darn why do I always keep on remembering that? And in a dream too that's just great. It happened a long time ago it's not like I'm going to see that girl ever again, besides I haven't so far and it's been like what, 10 years already? Whatever, might as well go to that stupid school," Mortis sighed. 
            Catching his reflection in the hallway mirror he grimaced at what he saw. Mortis didn't like his stupid short chocolate brown hair, or his bangs that barely covered his dark brown eyes, and he hated his tan skin tone. Mortis sighed as he walked out the door, making sure to close it behind him. 
            "Don't want any unwanted guests getting in now," Mortis mumbled.

            He began walking toward the school, making an effort to ignore the usual glares he got from the people that he walked by. When he arrived in the front of the Victorian mansion that acted as a school, the familiar feeling of dread passed over him.

            The mansion had been abandoned for centuries up until The Watchers had decided to convert it into a school to train teenagers into becoming vampire hunters. So they could combat the battle that had always been raged between the humans and the vampires of the town. The school had grown since its opening, now fully equipped with all kinds of weapons as well as gentler methods of dispatching vampires, as seen in the sprawling gardens that are on either side of the front path. 

            Mortis passed through the heavy iron entrance to the school, walking through the front door which he closed behind him. He started walking down the hallway, paying little attention to the students around him or where he was going, when he collided with someone, sending them both falling to the ground.

            "Oh I'm sorry," He stopped mid-apology as he stared, in shock, at the face of the girl he had just knocked over.   

            It was a girl with long black hair and those soft brown eyes that Mortis fell in love with when he was a child. She looked to be about sixteen and even though it's been 10 years since Mortis had seen her, he knew without a doubt that it was Ember. 
            "Sorry I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Are you okay?"Ember asked, standing up and holding out her hand to help Mortis up. Mortis still in shock as he took her hand and got up to his feet. 
            "Isn't your name Ember?" Mortis asked. 
                        "Yeah, how did you know?" Ember asked suspiciously. 
            "You're kidding right?" Mortis asked. 
            Ember shook her head and smiled softly when they heard a voice behind them say, "Mortis what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in class?" 
            Mortis and Ember turned around to see where the voice had come from. They saw a woman somewhere in her mid-thirties walking toward them. She had long brown hair, forest green eyes behind thin framed silver glasses, and was wearing a brown suit. Her movements were elegant and graceful as she stopped in front of them.

            "Well looks like you two met already. Ember this is Mortis, he's a student at this school and he will be in your class," she said while smiling sweetly at them. 
            Mortis rolled his eyes and said, "Oh would you just give it a rest already? I know you don't like me, Desdemona." 
            "Mortis, you have to show more respect toward your elders. I'm the headmaster at this school and I would like you to address me in that manner. Now shall we show Ember where her new classroom is? Follow me," Desdemona said while walking in front of them. 
            'I can't believe she doesn't remember me! Are you serious? She was the one and only person who didn't hate me and everything and now this....gah. I hate this,' Mortis thought while staring at the wall. 
            "Ember how's your sister Willow? You know that she was the best student we ever had here," Desdemona said. 
            "Yeah I know, after all they don't call her the best vampire hunter for nothing right?" Ember answered while sighing. 
            Just then Desdemona stopped in front of a black door as she put her hand in front of it she whispered some strange words. A green glow came from her hand as the door opened, Desdemona smiled while putting her hand down and walking inside. A man was just then lecturing the students when they stepped inside, he stopped and turned around to look at them. 
            "Well, we thought you weren't coming Mortis. Guess you changed your mind, might as well have a seat," he said while gesturing to the empty seat in the back. 
            Mortis went to the back of the room and sat down on the last seat, trying to ignore the glares he was getting from the other students. 
            "Draven this is our new student Ember. She will be in your class this semester," Desdemona said, walking away in that graceful way of hers.
            Draven was a tall lean man, with pale skin that said he didn't get out much, long black hair that was pulled back perfectly in a ponytail, and night black eyes. Ember looking a bit confused at Draven decided to take her seat in front of Mortis. 
            Mortis leaned in and whispered, "Don't worry you're not crazy or anything. He's a demon; that's why he has those black eyes." 
            Ember nodded while Mortis sank back down in his chair. 
            "Now for today were going to learn about the history of this town, so pay attention," Draven warned. 
            Mortis sighed and thought, 'Like if we really don't know the history of the town we live in. I mean come on, everyone knows that the town is called Midnight. And about 100 years ago some of these humans and vampires came to this land to build a town where the two species could coexist.
            Since the town that they had come from wanted to enslave all the vampires. Well they escaped and named the new town Midnight. The sad thing is, though, two days later the vampires started killing off the humans.

            So there was a war between them where the humans won; the humans then decided to keep some of the vampires for the so called peace that they had worked so hard to keep. The Watchers, a group of old men who govern the town in matters of distress, decided to split the town in to two sections. 
            The human section and the vampire section, both of the sections are separated by a magical barrier that they made, to prevent the vampires from coming in to the human section. Well it worked until about nine years ago when some vampires got in to our section and killed some humans.

            The Watchers decided to fund a school where it will teach teenagers in to becoming vampire hunters since the vampires are still getting out but no one has found out how yet. So yes I do know this stuff so why is he repeating himself? I'm so sick of this.' 
            Just then the bell rang telling everyone that they can run the hell out of there and go home. Mortis got up and followed Ember out the door and in to the hallway. 
            "So um, do you like it here so far? You know school and stuff," Mortis asked a bit nervously. 
            "Yeah it's interesting but I have a question if you don't mind," Ember asked while smiling. 
            Mortis quickly shook his head, telling Ember to ask away. 
            "What is a demon like Draven doing in Midnight? I mean demons aren't supposed to be here." 
            "Well, the demons town is pretty much going in ruins. I don't think they can survive much longer and neither did The Watchers, actually. So The Watchers decided to allow one demon into Midnight for one year. And if it goes well then they will allow more demons to come and live here.

            Which is pretty stupid but whatever they want, I don't care about this place much. Um hey I was wondering you really don't remember me? Because I was the boy who-" Mortis was cut off in mid-sentence by Draven who told him to go to the headmasters office. 
            'Are you freaking kidding me? I need to ask her something what the heck?!' Mortis thought while swearing. 
            Mortis told Draven to give him a couple of minutes when he turned around to talk to Ember; he saw her already walking toward the front door. 
            'What the hell? She left without even waiting for me.' 

            Mortis swore once again as he sighed and started following Draven to the office. They passed hallway after hallway until finally arriving at her office, they went inside to find Desdemona sitting down in her chair waiting for them.

            The office was a bit small it had one small desk, a chair, a painting of a man who appeared to be in his mid-twenties behind the desk, and on the other side of the room where rows upon rows of books. 
            "Dang you sure can read no wonder you don't have a boyfriend," Mortis said with a smirk. 
            'She hates me they all do so I don't have to be polite if I don't want to,' Mortis thought while growling. 
            "Mortis this is urgent, so try to focus please. I have some bad news, The Watchers believe that your father is coming back home to Midnight," Desdemona said. 
            Mortis instantly clenched his hands into fists, his whole body shaking as he tried to control his temper. But even he could see that he was losing the battle. "What the heck? Its The Watchers job to prevent him from coming back here damns it! 
            They promised me they would after...after-after he killed my brother," Mortis whispered as he stood there shaking all over. 
            Desdemona looked a bit worried at Draven before she explained, "Mortis, The Watchers have decided that it would be better if Thorne, your father, were to come here. They will be able to watch his every move, and rumor has it that he wants to enslave the humans in this town. Besides, they made me your mentor, so you will be fine, Mortis. Now if you don't mind I have some business to attend to so if you will be so kind as to leave I will greatly appreciate it," Desdemona said while getting up to leave. 
            Mortis followed them outside in to the hallway, giving Desdemona a piercing glare before walking away to leave through the front door. 
            "I can't believe this. Why did they do this? I just can't accept this. What? They except me to be okay with all this? Well I'm not; what do I care about this town anyway? They all hate me and want nothing to do with me!

            Why should Thorne have to come here? I'm going to kill him that's it, I'm going to kill him for killing my little brother in front of me," Mortis choke out while rubbing his head; groaning as he already felt a headache coming. 
            It was eight years ago when it happened, Mortis was nine years old still a child even though he didn't act like one. Mortis had a little brother who he loved to death and would do almost anything for him. His mothers name was Scarlet a beautiful woman with soft sky blue eyes and short silver hair.

            She loved her children. Well, she said that she did anyway. His mother would teach her children how to pick locks at the tender age of five, and how to steal goods at the markets when the sellers weren't looking. Their father taught them how to hunt for food in the woods that surrounded their house. 
            He showed them the proper way to kill down deer's, rabbits, or anything that they could eat. First he showed them how to kill with a bow and arrow but when Mortis was finally nine years old, as a birthday present to Mortis, he taught him how to kill using a gun.

            Mortis was always the serious child, the child who would listen to his parents when they were teaching their children a new skill to survive. Mortis's little brother however was different; he acted like a child through and through. 
            He was always running around in the woods playing with the animals. While Mortis and his father, were out hunting for food. Mortis didn't mind, he already promised himself that he would protect his little brother and himself.

            Mortis never did fully understand why everyone in the town hated his family, he just knew that they did and he just accepted that. Truth be told everyone hated Thorne because he was a vampire. Everyone hated Scarlet and her children because she went off and married a vampire, and had these children that were never supposed to exist. 
            They all thought vampires weren't able to reproduce due to their many failures at doing so with another vampire. And yet even though these children came out as human beings and not as vampires they still wanted nothing to do with them. That was how things were in Midnight and Mortis knew that nothing was going to change that.

            Mortis was just happy to be with his little brother, glad that they were both alive. But one night Mortis woke up in his bed a bit confused with all the strange noises that was coming from the houses, he got up and went downstairs to check on his little brother. 
            When Mortis opened the door to his room he saw his father sucking out the life out of his brother's limp body. Mortis was shaking all over, he was paralyzed with fear and he couldn't move to save him. Not even when Thorne threw the lifeless body to the ground turning around to look at Mortis with those blood red eyes. 
            Mortis was shaking and he began to break out in uncontrollable sobs as Thorne came to stand right in front of him, taking Mortis by the hair and bending his head backward. But before Thorne could sink his teeth into Mortis neck, Scarlet came running into the room asking what was wrong.

            As her eyes landed on her son's corpse she fell to the ground in shock. Thorne threw Mortis roughly to the ground telling him to go to his room. Mortis overcome with fear ran to his room, where he collapsed on the floor.

            The next day Mortis found his parents packing up to leave, his mother telling Mortis that she couldn't bear to look at him any longer since it was his fault that his brother was dead. Mortis tried reasoning with her screaming that it was her husband who had killed him.

            But it was pointless, she was already under Thorne mind control and nothing Mortis could say or do could break her from it. They left that day leaving Mortis all alone with the house that still continues to haunt him of that day. 
'Well it doesn't matter now, he's dead and I'm never going to get him back. But I will be damned if I don't see Thorne die, I am going to kill's the least I can do.' Mortis sighed while walking out the front door of the building. 

            People were walking back and forth either going to the bathroom or just stretching their legs out in the train. A little boy was staring at an older gentleman that looked to be about in his mid-thirties with short dark chocolate brown hair, emerald green eyes, and pale skin.

            The man was staring out the window when he turned around to stare at the boy. The boy smiled and waved at him, the man smiled gently also, revealing his vampire fangs. The boy gasped in fear and shock as he clung to his father who was sitting next to him.

            The man watched the father put his arm around the boy's shoulders, a promise that he will protect him. The man rolled his eyes in disbelief and turned to stare out the window again. 
            'You can't protect him from the world so why don't you stop lying to him? I can't stand parents who lie to their own children; it sickens me to no end. That's why I raised my children the way I did, showing them the horrors of the world if they wanted to survive. That's the way parents should raise their children. That is, if they want them to live long anyway,' Thorne thought while staring at a young woman who was sitting across from him. She had long soft brown hair, and soft blue eyes set in a pretty round face. 
            'Just like Scarlet's eyes,' Thorne couldn't help but think. 
            Before Thorne decided that he wanted to go back to Midnight, he was happy being with Scarlet in a beautiful city, just the two of them together. Without anyone giving them glares or saying how much they hated them.

            Thorne even decided to loosen his mind control just a bit on Scarlet's mind. The next day after he had done that, Thorne found Scarlet packing her bags, saying that she was going to go back to Midnight, to her son Mortis. Well Thorne couldn't have that; no one leaves him. He was not going to be abandoned again. So he did the only thing he could do: he killed her. 
            'Such a shame really we could have been happy together oh well too late to regret that now Scarlet you should have never threaten to leave me, I don't take abandonment well. You got your wish Scarlet, I'm going back to Midnight to visit our son and finish the job I should have finished that night so many years ago. But first I'm going to pay your parents a visit,' Thorne thought. 
            Just then the train stopped and the speaker came on announcing that they have arrived at their destination.

 "Well look at that I say it's time for a little family reunion don't you?" Thorne whispered while smirking. 


The End

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