Chapter One –Part Two–

Clark Grigori towered over Sawyer––and just like everyone else­––in his 6'2 frame and had his most famous crooked smile plastered on his face. His wavy chocolate locks of hair were combed neatly at the side. She would sometimes hear a lot of girls envy her for being with him all the time, but she never doubted that the way she looked at him like an older brother would change. They've been friends since forever and yet, Elliot will never get used to the lost baby fat on his face and figure. Who would have thought that the shy, scrawny kid from before could be the same gentleman in front of her?

There was nothing special about the clothing he wore––a maroon sweater vest over a tucked long sleeved button down shirt with matching black slacks and shiny black shoes. It was his style. He didn't care what other people thought of him.

He looked like a businessman rather than a senior student. He looked...

More like his father, Elliot thought.

Clark's brown doe eyes traveled along her face, as though searching for something behind her thoughtful eyes.

"Thank you, Sawyer." Elliot uttered without taking her eyes of her best friend.

The butler made a curt bow and left.

"Hi Clark," She greeted shyly, once the old man was gone.

"Hi Ellie," Clark echoed, his voice sympathetic despite his smile. "You, um... ready for school?"

When will people stop looking at me like a lost puppy? She thought petulantly.

Nonetheless, she bobbed her head.

Ever so slowly, Ellie turned around in a manner like she wore a gown instead of a printed white sweater, black leggings and her favourite mid calf lace-up boots.

"How do I look?" She grinned at her best friend, her last thought discarded.

Clark rested his chin between his forefinger and thumb while his elbow used his other arm like a table.

He furrowed his eyebrows.

"What?" Her smile slowly faded.

"You have dirt on your face."


Elliot immediately turned to the floor to ceiling mirror by the long couch and touched her face.

The girl who looked back at Ellie was fair white with wide stormy grey eyes––big and round that they could fill-up her heart shaped face. Her small pale-pink lips were glossed by lip balm––the only kind of make-up she ever wore. Her straight, honey blonde hair fell freely around her face and down to her elbows.

Her eyes searched for any blemish, but there appears to be none.

Unable to contain his mirth, Clark let out a rich and playful laugh. "I was just kidding."

He winked at Elliot's glare through the mirror.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Ha-ha,"

"I'm just trying to make you smile wider." He wrinkled his nose, pocketing both of his hands.

She gave him a small smile.

It was nice to have someone sway the atmosphere and change the happenings for a while.

"Thanks." Elliot murmured.

With those last words, Ellie took the abandoned messenger bag on the couch and looped her arm in her best friend's. Together they walked out of the front doors, which was opened by one of the maidservants.

Down the tiled stairs of the villa was the service car, a black BMW with Elliot's personal bodyguard standing outside the driver side.

Clark gave her a smile. "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

They descended the steps and into the pavement floor of the driveway.

The End

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