Chapter One –Part One–

– Interpretation –

If You Listen
To the rhythm
Calling out in the dark
Can you hear it?
That's your spirit
Just follow your heart
"Live Life"
Jesse & Joy


"In response to the attack, Captain Michael Rosenfield remains silent. However we were able to get information from Police Investigator Bryan Reynolds that the assault has been committed none other than––" The female reporter's voice was cut off.

An audible sigh escaped Elliot's lips while she stared at the blank screen of the flat screen television.

"Night Blade," She grumbled. "I get it, Meghan."

Her thumb still hovered over the power button of the remote, which she had pressed merely seconds ago.

She puckered her lips in annoyance.

It's only been a week since Elisa Rosenfield was buried. It hasn't been easy for Elliot and Michael––especially for Michael, but the crimes in the city made good distraction. Surely Meghan Park's report had been accurate, but the missing pieces of the puzzle are yet to be found.

For all Elliot knew––or much of what her father had told her––every time there was a trace to whom this Night Blade was, there laid a dead end. It was as if the investigators are trying to catch a shadow.

Michael was becoming more stressed that he should be. He imprisoned himself in his office most of the day, because of this whole operation.

Elliot couldn't bear it. They fought in the middle of breakfast, resulting to him leaving her alone at the dining table.

She rolled her eyes at the memory.

"For a powerful man, he can be very immature." She murmured, more to herself than at the empty room. "No wonder he has too many haters."

From the very comfortable sofa, Elliot stood up and smoothed down her sweater. She left the remote on top of the centre table.

"As much as I want to argue with you, Young Elliot," Her butler said. "I believe we have a visitor."

Elliot smiled at the old man who stood a meter away.

Gone were those black suit and tie that every man in the house wore for the past week. Sawyer was now covered in a proper damson suit, cut Victorian style. Although Elliot loved the color on him, the shade made his grey eyes and greying hair stand out.

There was no need for Elliot to ask who the visitor was, for behind her butler was her best friend.

The End

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