Haunted by her mother's death, Elliot knew that it was only the beginning. Stuck in the middle of loss, hate and betrayal, she can only choose one side and one person to trust. Who would it be?

– After Death –

When life has cut too deep and left you hurting
The future you had hoped for is now burning
And the dreams you held so tight lost their meaning
And you don't know if you'll ever find the healing
"The Sun is Shining"
Britt Nicole


Life is, but a passingshadow. People didn't know when their time would end. Thinking about it––time is the greatest thief of all. The only thing we could do is keep on walking forward, moving forward and live life to its fullest. It's a different kind of 'You Only Live Once' but it is better than looking at the lowering coffin of your dearest dead mother, right?

Elliot struggled to keep her eyes blank and clear, as she stared at the white casket where her mother's lifeless body laid. With her head raised high and tears held back, she clasped her father's hand with her trembling one. The priest's reassuring voice came muffled in her ears while her last moment with her mother replayed in her mind.

"Don't worry about your father and me," her mother had said. "We just need communication, that's all."

Elliot nodded and hugged her mother tight.

"Wilson will pick you up after practice."

"Yeah, mom."

"Oh, and Elliot?"

Elliot faced her mom with raised eyebrows.

"I love you."

This made the young girl's lips tug at the side. "I love you too."

Elliot then turned around and walked to the double doors of the academy knowing that her mother's car won't drive away until she reaches inside––where she's safe.

The memory just kept on repeating in Elliot's mind like a broken record, her mother's melodic voice so sweet and assuring. Now, the thought only sounded haunting––more of a sorrowful farewell than a heartfelt greeting.

How could it be that only hours after that, mom's car crashed? Elliot thought. They didn't even have a chance to make-up after their worthless fight.

She stole a side-glance at her father, who had his head bowed with dark tinted shades over his eyes.

Michael's brown locks grew long over the past week that they almost covered his forehead. The unshaven stubble on his chin and sideburns told her that for once, he didn't care if he looked presentable or not. She knew without looking through those glasses that his eyes were puffy and red from crying.

Before Elisa's death, no one would have suspected that Michael Rosenfield would cry. In fact, Elliot never saw the man shed a tear. Yet could the death of our dearest one unleash the vulnerable part of even the strongest of men?

They both had been stressed over the week, but Elliot's father is getting the worst of it. He's spending most of his hours in his office and reporting at the station while in the middle of dinner. Just to continue searching for the man who caused his wife's death.

Elliot chocked back a sob and her walls broke for––she lost count already. Her tears came rolling down her cheeks for another time.

Two men appeared from somewhere and stopped by her mother's hole. Each had a shovel in hand to fill the hole with dirt.

Elliot squeezed her father's hand, just as the speaker patted his father's shoulder in reassurance.

"Thank you, father." Michael's voice sounded rough and broken.

Elliot blinked and turned her tear stained face at her father.

Those were Michael's first words, three days after Elisa Rosenfield's death.

Little did they know that a few meters away from the burial; stood a shadow with a smug smile on his vengeful face.



The End

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