It Starts...

As the girls met up after a long drawn out day at school it seemed to be dramatically getting colder even if it had been the second hottest day in New York that year! It was a Friday afternoon and all the girls wanted to do was go home and chill. The day had been very weird as it started out. When the girls arrived at school they realised that there weren't as many people as usual. Their normal teacher had disappeared without a trace and so had all of the other teachers they had been told earlier. The relief teacher for the girl’s class was a tall skinny woman with jet black hair and looked a bit like a voodoo doll, and also some disturbing news had spread and a child from the school had died the night before mysteriously. As the day went on there seemed fewer and fewer people. The girls started getting scared and were praying the school day would end and when it finally did they were the only two students left in the school. The school bell rang and they ran out of th classroom only to hear their relief teacher say "I will get you tonight". Melonie looked at
Natalie and mouthed 'What the heck!'. The girls started their long walk back to
the bus stop but on the way something happened that would mean a night on the

The End

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