Nietzsche's day in the cupboard

I just woke up and got out of bed, with a throbbing pounding in my head.

Up i got a strolled to the shower, i waited for my brother to get out for an hour.

Once he left I jumped with glee, while I celebrated my sister ran infront of me.

I got fed up of waiting for her then, i sat in the cupboard the time was five past Ten.

"Get out of the cupboard Nietz i was just messing around", I sat there quietly, patiently not making a sound.

This will show her i thought to myself, little did i know she was stealing stuff from my shelf.

I sat there watching time go one, two, three, still wishing that i hadn't jumped in glee.

Its now 10pm my stomach begins to rumble, I stand up quickly and start to stumble.

I run out of the cupboard straight down the stairs, I tripped and fell down them in pairs.

The moral of this story well i don't really know, just when you sulking try not to put on a show.

The End

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