A new friend!Mature

"Come on Lucy let's ditch our bags and head off to the bach," encouraged Nicky.

"Nicky, can you not read? Mum clearly told us not to go to the beach in the evening, and for what reason was that?" protested Lucy.

"Because the tide comes in quickly." sighed Nicky, "But it's not evening yet it's only 3:15 pm. So come on what are you waiting for?"

Lucy went to answer when suddenly Nicky swept her off of her feet and, dispite her protestations, carried her kicking and screaming down to the beach where he dunped her on the soft, silky, yellow sand.

"See, the tide is well far away!" exclaimed Nicky.

"For now it is, however we're here now so we might as well make the most of it while it lasts." said Lucy finally giving in.

"Yes!" shouted Nicky.

So after removing their shoe off they went laughing with joy. They must of been playing for around a hour when Nicky noticed something bobbing around in the water.

"Hey Lucy what's that?" inquired Nicky.

"I think it's a fisherman in his boat," said Lucy, who was now in a good mood, "Come on let's go and see."

It took them several minutes of jumping on rocks to reach the fisherman. When they did finally reach him they saw that he was old and had and unevenly cut, grey beard and clothes that were frayed at the edges. The two children began to feel intimadated. However just as they had turned around to walk back to shore the old  man spoke in a croaky voice.

"I know you're there my dears." said the old fisherman.

A shiver of fear ran down the children's spines. There was an awkward silence; in which Lucy was plucking up the courage to speak, even though her mouth was dry and her heart was beating like a drum in her chest.

"W-w-w-we're sorry t-t-to disturb y-y-you sir," stuttered Lucy.

"You haven't didturbed me at all, infact you have just made my day and please call me Ben," croaked Ben," You see it's a verry lonnely job being a fisherman but hearing your bright voices has mede this day the happiest so far. But enough about this silly old fool what are your names?"

"My name is Lucy," said Lucy.

"And my name is...is..." muttered Nicky.

"And his name is Nicky, he's just a little bit shy." explained Lucy.

"No I'm not!" bellowed Nicky deliberately stomped on his sister's foot.

"AAAHHH!" moaned Lucy.

"Oh brotherly and sisterly love." Ben said to himself.

The hadn't even given the incoming tide a single thought until Lucy sudenly realised it creeping it way to wards the shore. She immediately politely said goodbye to the kind fisherman, pulled Nicky back across the rocks and when she was back on solid ground began to put her shoes back on. Nicky however was still oblivious to the tide and was trying to figure out what he had done wrong.

"What's the matter Lucy? Was it something that I said?" questioned Nicky.

"No you idiot; the tide's coming in!" said Lucy hastily.

So Nicky to began to put his shoes back on. By the time they had finished the sea had already swallowed the majority of the sand and was still working its way up the sand bank.

"Wow that was a close one!" Nicky said looking down at the water.

"Come on Nicky let's get back home before Mum and Dad get back home or else we'll be for it!" said Lucy.

"Yeah I guess you're right," agreed Nicky.

So they went back home and from then on every evening Nicky and Lucy secretly went down to the beach after school and saw Ben the fisherman.

The End

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