After ten minutes of reading through articles neither Nicky or Lucy had found a single article that they liked the looks of, until Lucy found one that particualy confused her...

"Hey Nicky come have a look at this. The old man in this photo looks like Ben in his fishing boat. It is Ben in his fishing boat!" exclaimed Lucy.

She read the caption aloud:

Seventy year old man named Ben Philips killed at sea white fishing in extremely bad weather conditions.

"What date was that report written?" said Nicky rather confused.

Lucy scanned the page, looking for evidence of the date Ben was killed. After a while she finally found what she was looking for.

"He was killed on Monday 19th August 1971," reported Lucy.

"But that can't possibly be try... that was 39 years ago... that is unless he's a goast!" the word made a shiver run down Nicky's spine.

Nicky and Lucy looked at each other; there was an awkward silence. All that could be heard was the sound of the  grandfather clock (that had been passed down their Father's side for generations) repeatedly going tic-tock.

Lucy swallowd and said in a wisper, "So Ben was a g-g-goust?!"

The End

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