Home Sweet HomeMature

They explained the whole lye over again to their parents, however luckily their mother and father weren't that bothered because their dad, at long last, had got a job! He was now the head of the reasercher department for 'The Sun'. So over a cup of hot chocolate and their mum's freshly baked cookies their dad told them all about how he had charmed his boss into giving him the job.

"Oh, and kids i brought you two a little surprise," said dad.

"Oh cool what is it?" asked Nicky suddenly interested; images of all the latest toys and vidio games flashed through their minds.

Lucy and Nicky's dad produced a small cardboard box from under the table and carfully placed it infromt of the two children.

"Oh wow thank you daddy; but what is it?" inquired Lucy.

"It's a box of old news papers ,silly... for both of your history projects," explained dad.

"Ooohhh," they both said, both now understanding what their surprise was.

So, taking the small, old box with them they went into the living room to have a look at the contence of the cardboard present from their father.

"I bet it's going to be emply," sniggered Nicky.

Unfortunately for Nicky it was not, instead it was full to the brim with old news paper articles.

"Have we really got to read all of these daft articles?" questioned Nicky (who was disapointed that the box didn't contain any computer games).

"Not necessarily, let' just start by looking at the photos and their captions and finding one's that we're interested in," suggested Lucy. So they started looking throught the old news paper articles.

The End

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