Safe at LastMature

It worked. The distant light began to get closer and closer. About three minutes later the children could make out a fishing boat coming towards them through the fog. Nicky and Lucy's throats were dry and sore therefore they could shout and scream no longer. Their hopes were running away but the boat still kept moving towards them until it was in full view.

"It's Ben, he's come to save us!" squealed Lucy jumping with joy.

Ben's boat did not rock dispite the furocious rapids beneath them as he took the two shivering children back to the shore without another word. The children were exhausted, cold and craving dry land. Nicky and Lucy stumbled out the boat but when they turned round to thank their hero he was gone... vanished without a trace.

When they go back to the house all the lights were on and there was a warm cookie smell in the air.

"Yum yum mum's been baking cookies again," Nicky said eagerly.

"Yes but never min that what are we going to say to mum and dad when they ask where we have been and what we have been doing?" asked Lucy deep in thought.

"Oh that's easy, we can just say that we have been walking around the town," suggested Nicky.

"And what happens when they see we are both soaking wet?" questioned Lucy.

"That's easy too, it's raining you idiot," said Nicky. So in they went.

The End

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