Nicky and Lucy's Seaside Adventure!Mature

Nicky and Lucy have just moved house however they have already got themselves into a lot of trouble! The question is who will save them and will they live to tell the tale? This story will put you on the edge of your seat with excitement and sympathy; you won't want to put the book down!

Nicky and Lucy were two ordanary children, both worrying about moving into their new secondary school (they were both twins). They were also in the stressful situation of moving house; their parents had already purchased a cosy cottage along the seafront only a short distance away from the beach. They were due to move in a couple of days time. 

"Have we got to move?" inquired Lucy, "We could just go to the school down the road."

"I would never send you to that dump!" exclaimed Dad, "Anyway I thought you wanted to live by the sea."

"I do it's just...what if nobody likes me there?" replied Lucy.

"Oh come on Lucy get real. Everybody likes you. I'm the one who can't make any friends," said Nicky.

"I don't know why either of you are worrying, if  anyone has any sense then they will be you friends," said Mum calmly.

So when the time came they left their old life any begun a new one in South End. Nicky and Lucy had their first day at their new school and made lots of new friends; Lucy was even invited to have dinner at her new very best friend's house.

"Well that wasn't too bad was it Nicky?" Lucy merrily said on their way home from school.

"No it wasn't that bad. I don't know why you were so scared," Nicky mocked.

"You were scared too!" snapped Lucy.

"Wow! Relax sis I was only kidding around with you; don't go getting your knickers in a twist." responded Nicky.

"Oh stop messing around Nicky, you're so immature!" retorted Lucy.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway let's get home quick because then we can go down to the beach and maybe have a paddle in the watter. What do you say sis?" asked Nicky.

"Well...only if we check with mum first," compromised Lucy.

So off they ran until they reached their cottage. All of the lights were off and there was a note pinned to the door. Nicky read the note:

Dear Nicky and Lucy

Me and your father are at job interviews.I'll be home soon but in the meantime you know where the spare key is so let yourselves in. And one more thing, don't go down to the beach this evening, as the tide comes in quickly.

Love you both



The End

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